The Simply Breathtaking Series

Plentiful Package (as of March 2015 Plentiful Package has been collated with Ample Attraction)



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This Novella is the first in the Simply Breathtaking Series. It involves Jenna Trilby and the stupendous men in her life.  She is surrounded by hot beautiful men everyday.  Poor thing!  hehe.

A sexually deprived boss, and her HOT, sexy, heart pounding Australian kite surf instructor – Andy Zuco.  Andy is saucy, delicious and astonishingly beautiful.  He knows how to have a good time and it drives Jenna crazy.  Set on a beautiful island in The Great Barrier Reef, Australia. His hard six pack abs never go unnoticed.

Jenna catches him having sex while on duty. Revealing more of Andy than she has ever seen before. Her nerve endings are zapping, endorphins pumping. Just like Andy pumps Suzie. Jenna is hungry for him. The thrill of being caught watching them excites her. Until their gazes collide.

Jenna is torn between being his boss, or personal play toy. Find out how Jenna deals with Andy, and his remarkable hard sculptured body. Will she succumb to satisfying her wildest of dreams with the ultimate ladies man?

Wonderful reviews of PLENTIFUL PACKAGE

There are no WORDS just FEELINGS! October 30, 2012 By Mrs_Smut – 5 stars, Amazon
FYI… DO NOT READ IT AT WORK!!! (as I have done)
You will not get any work done You’ll sit with your legs crossed the entire time (as I have done) BAD FOR BLOOD CIRCULATION! You’ll be WET the entire time (as I was) You will most probably lock your office door, just so you can get yourself off (as I have done) Wet, Hot, Pulsating Clit, and Wet fingers( please see point 4 above.
This is how this short story has left me! I WANT MORE MELISSA!!!
I cannot explain how well it is written. I cannot tell you what happened, as I’ll just get all Wet all over again. So do yourself a favor and get:
‘ Plentiful Package (Simply Breathtaking Series)
A ‘plentiful package’ of hotties in a tropical island setting…, January 24, 2013 By Phylis Vegas – 5 stars, Amazon
This review is from: Plentiful Package (Simply Breathtaking Series) (Kindle Edition)

The steady, sensual pounding surf of the Great Barrier Reef echoes throughout this story as five years after a simple kiss, the young and beautiful Jenna, now managing Sunloving Cruises, handles not only her career, but handsome and long-time friend Ryan, hulky, heart-throb Andy Zucco, and a very busy “singles” life. A mysterious man on a Ducati, Jenna’s girlfriend Emily, and a young employee named Suzie keep you turning pages and clutching your reader’s score card. Practice does make perfect; read Melissa Craig’s followup sequel, Ample Attraction, in this Simply Breathtaking series, for much, much more than just an afterglow!

This should come with a Warning Label – HOT! January 5, 2013 By Kim Dufoulon (Northern Ireland) – 5 stars, Amazon 
This review is from: Plentiful Package (Simply Breathtaking Series) (Kindle Edition)

I received this book FOREVER ago from my sexy friend Mel, and shame of shames I only got around to reading it recently. New man in my life, very little time, and the promise of a spanking all accumulated into my not getting the chance to do so. However! Now that I have read it all I can say is wow! Before you even open the damn thing the blurb has your panties getting all damp with excitement. Allow me to awe you mes petites cheris…
A sexually deprived boss, and her HOT sexy heart pounding, Australian kite surf instructor. Andy is saucy, delicious, astonishingly beautiful and drives Jemma mad with her sexual cravings. His hard six pack abs never go unnoticed. Jenna catches Andy having sex while on duty. Revealing more of him than she has ever seen before. Her nerve endings are zapping, endorphin’s pumping. Just like Andy pumps Suzie. She is hungry for him.
*THUD* I totally passed out from reading that alone. Way to get a girl intrigued Mrs.Craig, as soon as I read that I had to have it! And not only that, but the cover is also smoking! Which reminds me… I have a flight to catch one of these days to claim my promised kisses.
Anywho! Jenna has had the hots for Andy for a while, not that I can blame her – wait to hear all about his plentiful package! *purrs* But with his new found fame our Andy gets a big head and a lot of female attention which leaves poor Jenna in the sidelines craving more than enjoying, and turns him into a total dick! Good thing Jenna is willing to wait him out is all I can say.
This bad boy should come with a Warning label – NOT for the Weak Hearted, Underage, or straight up Prudes! Mrs.Craig had managed to fit enough rough and ready shagging of the vaginal, oral, and anal variety as well as a steamy shower scene, into this toe curling short read. I’m telling you now, it will blow your mind and give you your own sexual urges to satisfy. Damn, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gives you your first biblio-release! Yeah… you know what I’m talking about!
This book really did do it for me. It’s been a while since I was able to sit down and get so bloody turned on from flicking through the pages of a book. And not only that, but it’s impossible not to fall in love with the characters Mel has created as you follow them in their erotic, life altering, humorous journey of finding ones self and love. Thank you again my sexy mate from Down Under for giving me this awesome read. I loved it! And I’m sure every one of you will love it too. Grab a copy and see for yourselves.

Surf fun, June 12, 2012 By Helen2011 – 5 stars, Amazon
This review is from: Plentiful Package (Simply Breathtaking Series) (Kindle Edition)

As an Australian who enjoys well written erotica this book appealed to me immensely. It was set in the kind of ambiance I know well, and deals with the frustrations in life when old friends grow apart, and old lovers / potential lovers, take new directions in life.
Sexual frustrations abound, but I also felt there was plenty of scope for the characters to grow further and become more detailed and outlined, and I am definitely lined up for the second in the series! I am looking forward to seeing the action continue and the characters grow. Not all were appealing, but in many ways this was a strength of the book, lifting it above the pulp of the genre.
One thing the reader needs to bear in mind is that this book was written by an Australian, and uses Australian terminology. So if you don’t know what something is, just use your imagination – it probably is what you think it is!

Smokin’ Hot!  November 1, 2011 By Celine – 5 Stars, Amazon

If you want an enticing quick read that gets you hot under the collar this is the book for you! With sexy characters set in a sultry paradise, Plentiful Package, the first in a series of Novellas from this author, will leave you panting for more!

A short hot read! November 20, 2011.   By Charity Parkerson – 5 stars, Goodreads

Plentiful package is a short hot read that will leave you fanning yourself and wanting more.  Jenna has a crush on a hot Kite surfer instructor and after catching him “in the act” with one of their fellow co-workers, she can’t shake his image from her mind.  If you are in the mood for a light sexy read Plentiful package is a great choice.

Hoo boy hot! November 1, 2011   By Jennifer Stevenson – 5 Stars Chicago, IL United States, Amazon

For juicy, hot, suck-you-in erotica, this is the goods! Obviously there are more coming in the series, thank goodness, cuz I want to read about the guy on the Ducati, too!

Pure Ecstasy! Va-Jay-Jay loves Mr Shlong! December 28, 2011 By  QueentuttsWorld – 4 stars Texas, Goodreads

LOL, this is such a cute and hot story, it literally had me smiling throughout the whole story while rubbing my chest to keep my buds from perking up along with keeping my legs crossed. Wow! The connection between the characters sparked with intense desire for each other even under the control of keeping the employee/boss interference at bay. The erotic scenes were steaming hot and after one description of Andy’s SHLONG how could anyone especially Jenna resists the sexy Australian kite surf instructor. What you will find in this hot number is rough pounding, sucking, blowing, eating, anal, and one on one in the shower that will leave you wanting to seek your own release. The story captivated me immediately with the authors descriptive words of the surroundings and as I learned of the character’s job duties working on the beach, I felt as if I was in Australia myself and walking on the sand and could of swore I even heard the ocean’s tide coming in. The ending left me smiling and satisfied but wanting more of the story. It also left me wondering about the other characters introduced such as Jenna’s best friends Emily and Lilly, the BONDS Ducati guy with the hot bike, and Ryan. Since this is a series I know I am already addicted-ly waiting for the next book to come out and am now a new fan. Great Writing and Fantastic Read!

A HOT AND STEAMY READ. X  November 25, 2011 By susiewilson “XX SATINSUESUE XX” – 4 stars England, Goodreads

This book is a hot and steamy book that I’m sure all of you will love. Its Melissa Craig’s first book and may I add a wonderful one at that.  Jenna had Known Andy for a short time but with spending all most every day with him she has grown to have a bond with him, both only children both felt as if they had a lot in common. Andy had problems with his dad and that made him have little confidence in himself so Jenna made it her mission to help him build his confidence and go for the future he wants. But as things go on, there relationship develops and so does the heat that becomes between the two of them.  This book is not for the under aged or the faint hearted, I think this book is one hot read, so erotic it makes ya panties wet and dripping. If this is the kind of reaction you like getting out of a book then I really think you should give this one a try. I promise you it will make your pulse race and heart quickening and leave every nerve ending wishing they belonged to Jenna.  Well done Melissa an amazing read and I can’t wait for the next in the series to see how you make me react next time.

Great Debut- Exotic location – Hot characters and smokin hot scenes! November 9, 2011  By K. M. Whittaker “Dreamy angel” – 4 stars  Australia, Goodreads

Well I think I want a Plentiful Package. ** waggles eyebrows *  If you after something that will titillate your taste buds and loins and have your panties bunching – then this quickie read is for you. It will send your pulse racing and toes curling!!  Filled with an exotic setting, The great Barrier Reef, sexy men with Abs we would all love to roll our hands down, and well sex on the beach if you may call it !!! ** Aka in the shed – shower ** then Plentiful package is for you.  Lots of goodies for all the readers who love there reads hot and erotic. Debut Novella for Melissa Craig and I must say I look forward to more in her series. I’ve yet to find out where my Ducati man went and I’m sure she has more in store for Ryan!!!  A quickie in the shower – or in the shed….. This tantalizing read will have your spine tingling and heart a pumpin and maybe even your knees a knocking loll!!!  If you’re after a quickie read filled with erotic encounters then this is for you!

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov 4th December, 2011 – 4 Stars,  Goodreads

I won this one on Satin’s Bookish Corner and am sooo glad I did! This is a very steamy debut by Melissa Craig.  Jenna has always had the hots for her best friend Andy. But since Winning the State Championship and becoming a local celebrity, its gotten to his head and he’s become a man whore and a bit of a jerk. Now that she’s his boss she’s been covering for him! Although she still has hopes of him changing and once again becoming the man she fell for and no matter what she does she just can’t stop craving him. Will she finally cave? Or will she get sick of his shite and finally fire his beautiful ass??  I thought it was great and I was totally sucked in, Bravo….to Melssa Craig for delivering such a tantalizing, hot and steamy novella! I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for Andy and Jenna.