The Simply Breathtaking Series

Lustful Lovers

LustfulLovers_MelissaCraig_mediumRelease date is planned for 21st August 2018. I know you have been waiting a while for the third book in the Simply Breathtaking Series, however things out of my control has delayed the publication of this book.

I want this book finished as much as you do. My apologies for the wait.  Available for pre-order on Amazon.

Sneak Peek time.

Some of CHAPTER 1


Jenna continued to look at herself in the mirror in shock. “No way,” she repeated her thoughts out loud as she tried to bring to mind the night before. The more she struggled to recall the fragments of both Andy and Ryan standing naked before her, the more strained she became. She shook her head and clasped her hand over her mouth, unable to break contact with her own widening eyes – fuck. She gasped and looked at her palm; the smell of sex was fearsome.

“No, no. It didn’t happen. It couldn’t have.” She disagreed with her mind, which was on the edge of losing it. Jenna stepped into the shower and hoped she could wash away her sin. “It’s fine,” she said while staring at the liquid soap, even though she knew it wasn’t. Yet the verbal reassurance didn’t stop her heart from plummeting; she had crossed the line from friendship with the two men she had had magnetism; ample attraction it was. There was no turning back. How was she going to gaze at them without wanting sex, or worse, have them look at her with their hungry eyes? For if they did, she would cave for another slice of their paradise.

She sat in the hot shower for heaven knows how long, trying to come up with ideas of what to say to her boys. Unwilling, she turned off the water, no closer to an answer. With a towel in hand, she enjoyed the way it flowed over her sensitive skin, interrupted by a flashback of their faces and the joy they displayed the instant they gave her pleasures. Things a girl could only dream. Jenna’s cooch throbbed with the recollection as the words amazing lovers had a whole new meaning. The softness of the fabric soothed over her. Her breath sped up, knowing she wanted to let go of everything for another fleeting moment of Andy and Ryan encapsulating her and give rise to a whirlwind state so she could float on cloud nine.

The sound of water droplets on the letter that rested on the edge of the bathroom vanity brought her back into the moment. She stood frozen, but not from the coolness… from the words that jumped off the page at her… we await your call. Andy and Ryan were the last people she wanted to talk to as she was happy to live in the memories that invaded her mind and needed time to think. They’re not getting a call soon. Jenna needed to vent to someone that wouldn’t judge her actions. Emily popped into her mind, but Jenna remembered calling her a slut before she demanded that she stay away, seconds before she vomited over her. Jenna covered her own face, ashamed at her actions and queasy at the thought. Emily wasn’t the person she should offload too. Heavy-footed Jenna rushed to her cell and called Lilly, who answered on the second ring.

“Hey, gorgeous, how was last night? Sorry we couldn’t make it,” Lilly said.

“No, that’s cool. Have you heard from Em?” Jenna asked as she took some headache tablets.

“No. I only just turned on my phone as Joe and I didn’t want an interruption last night, if you know what I mean,” Lilly said.

“Yeah, I hear you.”

“Why? What’s up?”

“I did something and I need…”

“Hang on, babe; I have another call. Can you hold?”

“Yeah, sure,” Jenna said, rubbing her forehead. She paced while listening to the “on hold” music, trying to work out what to say without sounding as a sex deviate, bilious at the possibility of sharing her inner thoughts. After another five painstaking minutes, Lilly returned.

“Hey, Darl, I need to see a client pronto. Can I call you after work and then we can discuss it over a bottle of wine?”

“Sure, it can wait. It’s nothing. Cool… tonight. Talk soon.”

Jenna threw the phone on the bed and went for a sprint on the beach to de-mist her head. She pushed herself faster than ever. The tougher she jogged, the harder the sand forced through her toes, allowing her mind to open to the skin-slapping fragments. She recalled Andy’s words – “All I can think of is wolfing down your vertical smile” – glad that her head was stronger than her heart, otherwise she would catch the next boat to the island to see them. But, with every running step, her stubbornness was failing, and her pulsating smoo was winning out. You’re not going to the island, she told herself. The only other way to rid herself of her confusion was to get in the car and drive before she changed her mind. Jenna ran home.

The unkempt bed hurt her hankering for the boys as she changed, unable to stop herself from running her palm over her cooch. A quick intake of breath wasn’t the only thing Jenna experienced as her body reacted from the sexual touch; she drifted back into the fragments from their threesome. Her fingertips explored the warmth of her vaginal lips… sliding back and forth between her delicate flaps. Her head arched back as she yearned for more sinful moments purged. The more she looked at the sheets, the more she recalled holding on to them strong as she orgasmed, as the three of them did. She was close to creaming with the slow drag of her fingers, her mind lost in a world of night.

She gripped her vadge strong at the call back, and the tingles that flowed along her extremities amplified. A light moan echoed throughout the room as she rubbed herself. Jenna had a catchy breath as she recalled the way her boys’ lips touched her skin, the way they held her for hours on end. And the way they collapsed onto the bed before agreeing she was an amazing lover. This was her breaking point of no return. Jenna pushed harder on her mons and her buttocks tightened while flowing with a momentum, with the beauty of arousal. Her heart raced, and she pleaded for the moment not to end as she had never experienced such love and beauty from another until now. A groan escaped her lips as the first strong pulse thumped on her fingertips; Jenna slowed her pace and took her time rolling her eyes back as the throbbing increased.

Her legs now spread, Jenna readied herself for the final vibration to rush through her, cupping her pussy in tandem. With every second, her shaking grew in power, in urgency, until she reached that uncontrollable state and the final loud moan expelled. Jenna didn’t move a muscle, allowing the orgasmic pleasure to soak into her senses. She was unsure how much time had passed by as she continued to fondle for longer, enjoying the moment of making memories.

Now focused and dressed, Jenna grabbed an apple as she ran out the door with a spring in her step. The sound of her baby revved up put a contagious smile on her dial and, within minutes, she lapped up the sun’s rays with the roof open. She inhaled, calmed by the smell of cut sugar cane, which awakened happy memories of the time as a child cutting through the paddocks on the way home from school. Even the coolness of the winter air left goose bumps on her skin as it did, back in the day.

It was perfect for traveling; one couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous weather. Jenna looked in her rear vision mirror and not a soul was seen, allowing her to enjoy the slow pace of her drive up the coast. She smiled at how her hair was flying around, wondering if it was the best move not wearing a cap after pushing it behind her ear for the umpteenth time. She was lost in awe with the sky above, elated her sexual life was back. It wasn’t as she had imagined; two men at once, though within, she cared for both of them. I’m no different to normal people. Ryan and Andy made her whole.

The power of the V8 purred as she worked the gears like her inner being. With a flick of the knob, the music boomed skyward out of the Mustang. Keywords such as “deep,” “hands,” and “open” sparked images and feelings of her two boys and how they pulled her closer to ecstasy the night before. Her body was humming and she couldn’t help but grin as she looked ahead.

The clear roads are too good to be true, Jenna thought, exhaling the second as she spotted the tourist bus. Not for its sheer slowness, but for the smell that came out of it, making her pleasant drive worse and glad she had spotted a passing lane. Upon zooming past the monstrosity, Jenna noticed a brand new MX5 Roadster on the other side of the road. A gorgeous, tall, dark-haired lady in stilettos bent over the boot. It wasn’t the short skirt she noticed. She noted the woman’s tanned long legs. But she also observed the Louis Vuitton bags she had removed that sat by her heels. Jenna knew the only reason those somewhat expensive suitcases rested on the dirt was because of a blowout. However, she continued driving until she had a safe spot to turn and go help the female, in case she didn’t know how to change a flat tire.

As she roared to a complete stop behind the damsel in distress, Jenna was sure the girl would have jumped from the noise of her car. But she continued to stare into the boot with the cell phone in hand. So much so that even popping the Mustang’s trunk didn’t grab the dame’s attention. Jenna rocked out of her beast and grabbed her wrench and jack. On approaching, she could hear the stress in the female’s voice.

“Can’t you come and help me! I can’t get it out. I’ve tried, but…” She must have heard Jenna and turned mid-sentence.

“You need a hand?” Jenna asked, and her breath faltered, as the lady standing before her was breath taking; she was class and more so. Her own heart dropped as the chick made it obvious to check her over and gaze back to her Mustang.

“Yeah, a girl has pulled over to help. No, she doesn’t look as if she would hurt me; however, she’s somewhat cute in her short shorts and looks to be keen on vintage cars. Not to alarm you, darling, but she’s holding a triangle thing and a piece of long metal in front of me.” The lady was talking of Jenna as if she couldn’t hear her, shocked that she had called her a girl, considering Jenna was closer to thirty than twenty. Lost in awe, Jenna’s eyes glanced over every part of the female art form. Her eyes glued to her glossy lips as they parted and recited her license plate number to the caller. She hadn’t seen ones with such perfection, plump top and bottom, and she yearned to touch them on her own. Jenna widened her eyes and looked to the ground to refocus.

“Yep, just wait and I’ll ask. Do you know how to change a tire, honey?” she questioned with a tone of poshness.

Jenna smiled and nodded. “Sure can!”

“Okay, my friend wants to talk to you.” On making her way closer, Jenna realized this woman smelt as good as a dessert, and accepted the phone with a simper. “Hello.”