The Simply Breathtaking Series

Short Stories

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Short Story One: The Snooty School Girl

(The Pleasures Of The Professor Series)

Rick has worked hard to reach his position of professor. He is quiet, overworked and an upstanding citizen; a shining example and the most successful in his field. Rick is all that and more.

He truly believes that behind every good man is a good woman. A woman who can harness the power that lies within him. A woman who has power over his body and soul. A woman who has a magical touch that transports him from his serious everyday life, makes his breath hitch and stimulates his senses.

Logan has stroked his flame of desire and has done things that no-one else has done. She has a way of making him feel free from the world of academic tedium he lives in. She is sexy, spontaneous, sensual and his Logan Sapphire. She has the hue, saturation and the tone of the most exquisite gem.

Rick would sacrifice anything for Logan as she is the one person who can entice him to forget the real world and the expectations that weigh heavily on him. He feels understood by her and she penetrates deep within his mind. She is his sanctuary.



Screenshot_2013-06-18-06-03-21_1Publication Date:         June 16, 2013

Award nominated authors Melissa Craig and Charity Parkerson come together for two naughty short stories about life behind Dallas doors.

My short story is called Nothing Innocent. It is about an Aussie chick Alyssa who moved to Dallas and while renovating the house she has bought she becomes smitten with Marshell. A local handyman/cowboy that is handy in more ways than one.





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My Package of Paradise

David loves Tyla, and will forever and a day. But is life as a friend to the woman you love a wonderful comprise?
He has an opportunity to speak up and reveal his true feelings once and for all. But that strong sense of tranquillity, being the best friend quickly turns to thoughts edging with sexual pleasures. He wants to be a naughty boy. To suck her nipples and tell her to spread her legs wide so his piano fingers can make her pussy gush in arousal.
Every time he looks at Tyla, his shaft snaps to attention. Hard, hot and horny. His body surges from his dreams so vivid that he’s desperate to have Tyla swallow everything he will give her. He’s raw with want, passion and fantasises. Will he hold back and continue to be just a friend or shift towards being the potential lover?

Turkey SlapGrab my story FREE…in the TURKEY SLAP Erotica Flash Fiction

by Charity Parkerson, Ben Ditmars, Melissa Craig ,Kate Davidson, Amber Jerome-Norgarrd, Ava Loengard ,Bobbie Jo Starr, Helle Gade ,Kevin Swarbrick , Dionne Lister

The Four Whips, otherwise known as Melissa Craig, Dionne Lister, Amber Norgarrd, and Charity Parkerson present Turkey Slap 2012. Turkey Slap: The act of playfully slapping someone with an erect or semi-erect penis. Entries were collected for erotic short stories containing a Turkey Slap and the best of those stories were added to this free book for our reader’s pleasure.
Story 1- The Festival of Turkey Slap by Ben Ditmars
Story 2- Top Cock by Charity Parkerson
Story 3- Jenga by Kate Davidson
Story 4- Turkey Slap by Melissa Craig
Story 5- by Ava Loengard
Story 6- Birthday Blowjob by Amber Jerome-Norgarrd
Stroy 7- Top Hat and Turkey Slap by Helle Gade
Story 8- by Bobbi Jo
Story 9- by Kevin Swarbrick