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”God, you piss me off Melissa.” “Love you too.”

I arrived at work to find the shop window fit-out was halfway down. I looked at the two staff on and I pointed to it without a word.

“We’ve tried to fix it Melissa, but it doesn’t seem to go up or back down.”

I stared at the frames, lost in thought. Overwhelmed by a 6’10” man that came up next to me.

“Need a hand?”

“Yeah that would be great,” I said. I looked up at the older man before me and I wouldn’t say he was attractive, but I couldn’t stop looking him over. He didn’t need to get a ladder, he was that bloody tall he could stretch his arm out and almost touch the ceiling.  The author in me kicked into overdrive and I was busy observing everything about the distance between him and the ceiling, the proportion of his leg to torso ratio. I can see why some people think I’m a space head as I look back at the situation. I didn’t say a word as he tried to pull it down for me.  Busy looking at his hands, arms and features. I wondered how much he had to duck under a door frame. Was his kitchen bench higher than a normal one? You know normal author overdrive stuff. However, I noticed the shutter didn’t budge for him.

“Sorry, I wasn’t much help.”

“That’s okay. Thanks for trying.” I smiled.

He left and somehow I think I knew how to fix the shutter. I didn’t look at anyone. Focused on the ground as I walked out the back, grabbed the ladder without a word to anyone. I was in a zone. I needed to figure out what was wrong. Observation was the key. I kicked off the heels, got up the ladder and worked it out. The door was up within five minutes.

The girls glared at me shaking their heads. “I don’t understand how you know things sometimes.” I shrugged my shoulders, cleaned up the area and went out the back to grab a coffee before I started. “Melissa, you have someone here to see you?” I walked out and the same gentleman was back, with a drill in hand.

“You fixed it?” he said.

“Yeah, the arms of the shutter lock had released into the frame. The shutter springs still seem in working order at the moment.” I could see it was his turn to look me over with that same blank look on his face as I spoke. His silence was deafening, so I stopped talking about the lock mechanism and gear drive. “Aww, you brought a drill to help me fix it. Aren’t you sweet? I hope you didn’t go far to go get it.”

“No. I had one in the truck. Thought I would come back and help. But I’m not needed.” I looked over to a staff member  behind him and noticed her swallow hard.

“Believe me, it was appreciated. You want a coffee? I boiled the jug.”

“No, I better get to my next job. I’m already late.”

“Okay, thanks again.” He left with a what the expression. “Did you girls ring up a maintenance man?” I asked.

“No,” One girl answered.

The other had to have her two cents worth. “He was one of the random guys that stop to help you. As they always do.”

“What?” I noticed the bitchy comment.

“We were there for hours trying to work it. No one bothered to stop and help us. You stand there all tall blonde, in your skirt and heels looking doughy for a minute and men come to your aid.”

“I wasn’t doughy, I was thinking how to fix it. It was just chance that someone was walking pass when I got here.”

“Melissa, it always happens to you. You don’t even realize you touch your hair, smile at your own thoughts while you think. Then somehow men approach you.”

“I didn’t ask for his help. I was just observing the situation and what caused the door to stop half way up.I don’t realize I do those things when I think. it’s not like I can see myself when I do it. Gee.”

“You end up spinning them out as you say something intelligent looking like the girl out of legally blonde and they end up leaving…” She paused and looked to the other staff member. “What’s another word for loss of words?”

“Incoherent,” I said.

“Yeah, that word. God, you piss me off Melissa.”

“Love you too grumpy arse.”

“Here I am looking for a man and they fall at your feet. You don’t even notice how men find you irresistible. You are oblivious to it. I thought he was quiet yummy.”

“Do you want me to go after him and get his number for you?” I said.

“No, because he didn’t even know I existed.”

This whole heated conversation started me thinking about how body language may have something to do with my so called “men find you irresistible comment” as it wasn’t the first time someone has said something like that. It’s true I did not understand why, but it does happens. I even had a woman put her breasts in my face on Melbourne Cup day as she wanted to sleep with me. Had no idea who she was. I hadn’t even spoken to her or even seen her on the table next to me. Until she came up and said “I want you to suck on these.”  Erm was all I could say.  All my friends gasped at this openness of this chick and after they got rid of her for me they said Melissa is she your lover or something? After I laughed my arse off and said I’ve never seen her before in my life. At least we had a good laugh. People have said before that they’re sure I have an invisible ink that people see with I write about sex on my forehead.

Being the curious person I am, I needed  to look into this further as I don’t like people being pissed at me. I needed to find a way for my colleague to be noticed by men.

I found out through research of attraction I do, do things I don’t even realize. It’s the body language I express that make men or women comfortable enough to make a move. Fact from a University out of Missouri. The women that are approached often make over 35 body language gestures which means their body said something irresistible to them. In an hour an average looking women out could be approached by up to four men.

What are these gestures?  Simple things like smiling, raising eyebrows (hard for girls having botox) short darting glances, arm flexes, hair flicks, touching hair, neck caresses, laughing and other displays. Monica Moore study found the beauty that sat doing nothing while out is unlikely to be approached at all no matter how beautiful she is. Only when a woman’s body language expresses these irresistible traits that men feel comfortable making a move.

I need to work on my colleague’s body language to get her noticed. I love a challenge. I can’t wait to see her in action. By the way if you want to be noticed, a woman in red increases her chances of being asked out. As ladies in red are perceived as more sexually receptive. I wonder if that’s why so many people hook up at Christmas parties… most women wear red.  Interesting…Time to ponder.

Enjoy it any way you can! Mwah.

Melissa Craig



Don’t skip meals. It’s the start of a downhill slide.

I swear it’s this time of year, especially as a parent. As a mum I call November crazy season as school is finishing, we have concerts, sports finals, Christmas parties, and family visit and at some stage I end up sick with a bug. Once a year I get sick and I didn’t notice how little things are warning signs. I am writing this blog in hope to help others spot the downhill slide and help you change it to an upward climb to being healthy.

Several factors come into play and I am an idiot for not realizing something was up before I craved coke a cola and a crumbed cheese and bacon sausage as a snack. Yep, smack me (my hand) as I caved and I never eat those things. Two days later I end up with a vomiting bug. No, it wasn’t because of food poisoning. I like to find out why things happen and I spent the morning researching why I ended up around the porcelain bowl so it doesn’t happen again. It was because several factors came into play.

Number 1: I skipped meals as I was too busy working and running around equals no time. (No, no)

Number 2: I’ve been working full time as a manager and not getting home until dark, trying to write any moment I could while ensuring my kids had home cooked meals and maintaining a household. I forgot a major thing. Vitamin D, I was lacking the suns rays. I needed some UV.

Number 3: I go to the gym or exercise three times a week and that stopped. Not only is my body showing with tuck-shop arms now from my lack of fitness. I lacked that blood-flowing and that re-energize feeling. We need exercise breaks to keep healthy.

Number 4: My sleep pattern changed and ate dinner at 8 or 8:30pm as I was home late. Then the normal everyday chores needed doing or writing before sleep. The pressure of finishing this book is mounding, so I didn’t go to bed at normal time and stayed up. I was having less than six hours sleep and out of my natural sleeping rhythm. (Tut, tut)

Number 5: I had stopped having my Arbonne caffeine-free herbal tea every morning, and I hadn’t for two weeks as I didn’t have time for it to steep before running out the door. (Make time, I know.) Dr. Oz stated that Studies show this floral-derived brew can ward off colds or, if you come down with one, ease your symptoms more quickly. Dr. Oz – How to Prevent Colds. Back on the herbal tea to build up my immunity again.

Yes my immunity was down, and I caught a bug. It wasn’t from not washing my hands as I am a freak with clean hands. My kids sneeze and they think I’m crazy when I freak out as they continue on with what they’re doing and I’m ordering them to stop and immediately wash their hands. No joke they roll their eyes at me when I get out the hand sanitizer before eating out in public. (All my Directing days of working in childcare and accreditation, Hand sanity.)

It was a simple thing that got me sick. I found out one of my colleagues came down with the bug that night after I worked all day with her and we always cuddle on departure. If my immunity wasn’t down I may have had a cramp or two instead. This time of year everyone tries to fit in extra hours at work to earn more money for Christmas  before the long school summer break for the kids. But sometimes we have to remember our body is more important than anything and we need to fuel it. I now know why Zoe Bingley-Pullin always says Melissa put a slice of orange in the kids water bottles everyday. Preventing bugs with healthy living is the way to go. Don’t skip meals this holiday season.

I am off to go and soak some Vitamin D while drinking my herbal tea. Have a super Sunday.

Enjoy it any way you can!

Melissa Craig.




I laugh at my own mirror neurons.

You know when you read a story and you relate to a character? It means you’re mirror neurons are activated. These neurons help build the connection to a story by relating it with someone you recognize. Simple behavior of a character, an emotion portrayed, a visual feature or an action on the page you read activates your brain to go into overdrive. Happens to most of us and that’s why some people are stronger at backing one character over another… e.g. Team Edward or Team Jacob in Twilight. People read something and associate it to their own life. This also another reason people always say, ‘Oh, Melissa she sounds like you.’

Er… first I wrote it, so yeah you will associate me to the characters. Emotions I’ve had at some point will be in all of my stories. If a character says something I would in real life doesn’t mean the character is me. It means you associate as me and without a doubt you will say ‘Melissa you’re Jenna.’ I swear black and blue I am not, but you would never trust me as your mirror neurons fire up and the animal instinct kicked in, and you associate me with something you read or observed.

I’m writing this blog post as I find it interesting coming from being a book reader most of my life and having a strong passion towards certain characters and now while writing stories I still do the same. My brain gets scrambled while writing as my mirror neurons kick in. Even as the author I call to mind someone or something I’ve seen. It gets that bad that sometimes I stop writing and laugh my ass off as I write their name in the manuscript in place of the character.

‘Cool Melissa wrote me into a story.’ Well… I probably did, but you wouldn’t have a way of knowing unless the I told you. Anyway I am getting side tracked. My mirror neurons lean towards the things I like in people who help form the characters I write about. No it doesn’t mean that if you know me you’re ‘one’ certain character, it means if you do something I recall, you may be who I associate with a certain action, emotion, behavior of a character; male or female. Perfume, cologne, hair color, clothing, car, sounds made while chewing, or something silly.

My point in this post is that I can’t believe as I write I see people I experience before my eyes, even if he or she is the total opposite of the character formed.  I suppose that’s what makes people connect to a story, a character. It mirrors someone they may roll in the hay with or talk with on a: daily basis. Thought I would share  this information as we as authors feel the same as readers, well I do. Watch out people anything I come into contact with may end up in a story. Just saying.

Enjoy it any way you can!

Melissa Craig.

Why not read The Unblemished Librarian and find out who you see. xx

I shouldn’t go to shops when in a deep writing mode. #LOL

About 2500 words into writing, after only an hour I stopped, grabbed a coffee which pulled me away from the computer and allowed my everyday mind to kick in… problem number 1. Don’t stop and get coffee. I thought where on earth is this chapter going to fit into the next book? 

This was a new chapter that sprung up out of the blue. I am a panster, and panster writers don’t think about plotting and planning we don’t know what happens until it happens and I freaked out as in the everyday world I plan and plot everything. It’s hard when my everyday mind crosses over with my writing mind as they are total opposites. 

This was my internal battle today. 
Everyday mind: Am I wasting my valuable time on this chapter that may not fit in? I hate wasting time. I could catch up with a mate for coffee or do housework?
Writer mind: No it always works out. Stop being silly. Get your arse in the seat.
EM: I will go to the shops, clear the mind.
WM: Yes driving gets you back into the creative world.

The minute I drove I got carried away with the story which was a yay! Thank gosh. Which meant everyday mind was kicked to the corner… so was the corner for the shop. I had driven 20 kilometres before I realized erm where am I going? Problem number 2 – Creative mind takes over. I was driving to work on autopilot. I did a U-turn and finally made it to the shops to get basics. Milk and bread. Meanwhile, I stopped at the blocks of cheese and the story became clear. It wasn’t until a worker came up and said are you having trouble deciding on a cheese?

“No, why?”
“Because you have been staring at this same spot for ten minutes.”
“Oh gosh, have I. No. I am good. Thank you for asking. Things on my mind is all.” I smiled and blushed embarrassed, it felt like ten seconds I swear.

Problem number 3… when a new chapter is strong don’t go in public as I act as an air-head. Head slap.

LOL. I had to share. The joys of being a writer. But being an air-head writer makes me happy. xxxIMG_20150525_174608

Enjoy it any way you can!

Melissa Craig. Mwah!


#Bookworms want a slice of Australia #99c ?

I haven’t had a sale on one of my books for a while and I thought it was time. From now until the end of the year I am making the digital version of The Unblemished Librarian 99cents. I know 40,000 words for less than a dollar. Am I crazy? Maybe. This is my favourite story and lots of tears were shed while writing it. Going from an Erotica to a spicy romance was out of my comfort zone, with the thanks of editor Dionne Lister I could publish this baby.

okjkH6yqtMjrxbvyoAClsfzaMvVkxTz4ZkvGCFSCNwo If you’ve read The Unblemished Librarian thank you and why not spread the love and gift it to a friend or family member? Christmas is around the corner.

Enjoy it any way you can!

Melissa Craig

I will sign books during the Brisbane Writers Festival 2016

Thanks to Boolarong Press, I will sign books in New Farm, Brisbane on the 9th September, 2016. I am flying from Cairns to Brisbane for a launch event at The State Library of Queensland on the Friday evening and we thought why not arrive earlier and throw in a book signing?

I will be at the gorgeous new farm editions at Merthyr Village Shopping Centre between 11am -2pm on Friday the 9th September. For every book sold I will give away the excerpt for the follow-on novel of Ample Attraction. No, I won’t be announcing the name of the new book on social media or revealing the cover online until October. Its exclusive for the people who drop into New Farm Editions on Friday and buy my book.  See you there.


Enjoy it any way you can!

Melissa Craig.


WTH! Detention for a button?

I have heard everything. I am wondering if private schooling is the way to go for my kids. My blood is boiling over what sparked a yelling fest between my children first thing in the morning. I will be the first parent to put my hand up and say yep my kids fight. Siblings do… and if you say your kids don’t I call bullshit. With two teenagers in the house a boy and a girl… hormones are testosterone are flaring big time. That is another story.

My main reason for this post is that my high schooler was yelling at my youngest who is in year two about her uniform. I rolled my eyes thinking… isn’t it a beautiful peaceful morning, oh the serenity? I tried to give it around 20 seconds to let them work it out before adult intervention… but this time they weren’t letting up. The next minute the noise level went up an octave, I could hear their voices crackling and at a crying point for all three of them. My kids are a little like I was in school; always like to do the right thing, ad bide by the rules, never get into trouble, never get detention. A pleasure to teach is always on the report card. So when one of them might get a detention because they are breaking the rules they make sure it won’t happen. This went down.

Amber you can’t wear that uniform you have a button missing?
It’s just a button, she answered.
Yeah but if you have a button missing you get a detention. Go put another one on.
No this one is ironed and Mum would have to iron another.
So, that’s better than getting a detention for a button. You can’t get a detention. We’ve never had detention. Go change it! (The two of them yelling by this stage and I had to step in.)
Me: Are you saying you guys get a detention for a missing button on your uniform?
Yes we do and we don’t want Amber to get one, but she won’t listen.

WTH! Detention for a button? First up, that’s the most idiotic thing I have ever heard. Stupid private school being the fashion police. Yeah, a normal thing would be to mention to the child they noticed a button missing on the uniform and maybe ask mummy to sew on a button when you get home. But a detention is an overkill. What happened to getting detention for smoking on the oval, wagging school or swearing at a teacher? These are the bad things that were dealt a detention in my day. Parents are busy, kids dress themselves for school and I will be honest I don’t look at every garment I put into the washing machine otherwise I would be in the laundry longer than I already am. I have washing coming out of my ears with three kids.

Sorry getting side tracked. I let Amber wear the uniform as I didn’t have time to sew one on or iron another to the disgust of my older two; I didn’t send a note along to apologise that her uniform was out-of-order on purpose even though my older two couldn’t understand why I would get Amber in trouble. I wanted to see how this played out and I was in a don’t mess with me mood, the perfect time to deal with it. On the drive into school I gave them the talk if they give you a detention for a button EVER you tell me and I will get down to that school and give them my two cents worth. Amber if you get a detention today don’t you let the teachers make you feel bad, don’t cry. It’s not your fault they have nothing better to do than pick on kids for a button. Make sure you remember what teacher gave you the detention and not just mummy will go down to the school. I am sure Daddy would be agree with me on this. You wear that shirt, if a teacher mentions the button say, “Oh do I? Thanks for letting me know.” Smile and continue to play as if a button missing is nothing. The world won’t end because of it and lets see what they do. “Okay, I can do that,” she said. “You can. Mummy does it all the time. Never make a grumpy negative person bring you down sweetie, you are in control of how they make you feel. Have a good day. Smile.”

Bring it on I say. LOL. I’m thinking paying for private schooling is a waste of time and money. What has happened to common courtesy from people and mentioning a button missing and realising most parents work these days and things get missed. Putting fear into kids for a button and threatening a detention is wrong for something that is nothing, period. Encouraging good behaviour, positive interactions, always win out with kids not focusing on the negative. How on earth are children suppose to feel good about themselves if the teachers are focusing on what’s wrong with how they look? Oh! A kid is dishevelled as they don’t have a button, quick jump on it as someone might see them. Put them in the office as they are an embarrassment. Gee…Stop wasting time on petty things and refocus on teaching instead. Sigh.

Melissa Craig

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