The Simply Breathtaking Series

Excerpt for my upcoming story

This excerpt is an Advanced Reading Copy, an uncorrected proof which may differ to the market book. 

The follow-on from Ample Attraction


“The race is on to get this beautiful… good woman.”

By Melissa Craig



Jenna continued to look at herself in the mirror in shock. “No way,” she repeated her worries out loud as she tried to bring to mind the night earlier. The further she strove to recall the fragments of both Andy and Ryan standing naked before her, the more strained she became. She swayed her head and clamped her hand over her mouth, powerless to break contact with her own widening eyes, fuck. She gasped and studied her palm; the smell of sex was powerful.

“No, no. It didn’t take place. It couldn’t have.” She disagreed with her mind on the edge of losing it. Jenna stepped into the shower and believed she could scrub away her sin. Even though she knew it wasn’t. “Its fine,” she replied, while staring at the liquid soap. Yet the verbal reassurance didn’t stop her heart from descending; had she done something improper with the two guys she had had magnetism; ample attraction it was. There was no swinging back. How was she going to gaze at them without wanting sex, or worse, have them do the same? For if they did, she will cave for another slice of their paradise.

She sat in the hot spray for heaven knows how long trying to come up with ideas of what to say to her boys. Unwilling she turned off the water, no closer to an answer. With a towel in hand she enjoyed the way it flowed over her sensitive skin. Glad to be interrupted by a flashback of their faces and the joy they displayed the instant they gave her pleasures. Things a girl could only dream of happening.

Jenna’s cooch throbbed with the recollection as the phase amazing lovers had new meaning. The softness of the fabric soothed over her and her breath sped up yearning for a fleeting hour of Andy and Ryan encapsulating her; and give rise to a whirlwind state. The sound of droplets on the letter brought her into the moment. She stood frozen, but not from the coolness… from the words that jumped off the page at her… we await your call. Ryan and Andy were the last people she wanted to talk too, happy to live in the memories that invaded her mind, she needed time. They’re not getting a buzz soon. Jenna needed to vent to someone with no judgement. Emily popped into her mind, but Jenna remembered calling her a slut before she demanded that she stay away, seconds before she vomited over her.

Jenna covered her own face, ashamed at her actions and queasy at the thought. Emily wasn’t the person she should offload too. Heavy footed Jenna rushed to her cell and called Lilly who answered on the second ring. “Hey gorgeous, how was last night? Sorry we couldn’t make it,” Lilly said. “No, that’s cool. Have you heard from Em?” Jenna asked, while taking headache tablets. “No. I only just turned on my phone as Joe and I didn’t want to be disturbed, if you know what I mean?” “Yeah, I gathered.” “Why? What’s up?” “I did something and I need….” “Hang on babe, I have another call. Can you hold?” “Yeah, sure,” Jenna said, rubbing her forehead. She paced while listening to the ‘on hold’ music trying to work out what to say without sounding as a sex deviate. Bilious at the possibility of sharing her inner thoughts.

After another five pain staking minutes Lilly returned. “Hey, Darl, I need to see a client pronto. Can I call you after work and then we can discuss it over a bottle of wine?” “Sure, it can wait. It’s nothing. Cool… tonight. Talk soon.” Jenna threw the phone on the bed and went for a sprint on the beach to demist her head. She pushed herself faster than ever. The tougher she jogged, the harder the sand forced through her toes allowing her mind to open to the skin slapping fragments. She recalled Andy’s words, ‘All I can think of is wolfing on your vertical smile’; glad that her brain was stronger than her heart otherwise she’d catch the next boat to the island to see them. But, with every running step her stubbornness was failing, and her pulsating smoo was winning out. She craved for more sex. You’re not going to Green Island, Jenna told herself, knowing the only way to rid her confusion was to get in the car and drive; she ran home.

The unkempt bed hurt her hankering for the boys as she changed. Giddy at the thought of a sexual release, Jenna could not stop herself from running her palm over her cooch. A quick intake of breath wasn’t the only thing Jenna experienced as her body reacted from the sensual touch; she drifted back into the fragments from their threesome. Her fingertips explored the warmth of her vaginal lips… sliding back and forth between her delicate flaps. Her head arched back as she yearned for more sinful moments to be purged.

The more she looked at the sheets, the more she recalled holding onto them strong as she orgasms’d, as the three of them did. She was near creaming with the slow drag of her fingers, her mind lost in a world of night. She gripped her vadge strong at the call back, the tingles that flowed along her extremities amplified. A light moan echoed the room as she rubbed herself. Jenna had a catchy breath as she recollected the way her boys lips touched her skin for hours on end. She recaptured the image when they collapsed onto the bed before agreeing she was an amazing lover. This was her breaking point of no return. Jenna pushed harder on her mons and her buttocks tightened while flowing with a momentum, with the aid of arousal.

Her heart raced, and she pleaded for the moments with the boys not to end as she had never experienced such love and magnificence. A groan escaped her lips as the first strong pulse thumped on her fingertips; Jenna slowed her pace and took her time rolling her eyes back as the throbbing increased. Her legs now spread; Jenna readied herself for the last vibration to rush through her and cupped her pussy in tandem. With every second, her shaking grew in power, in urgency, until she reached that uncontrollable state and the final loud moan expelled. Jenna didn’t move a muscle, accepting the orgasmic pleasure to soak into her senses. Unsure how much time had passed by, she continued to fondle for longer.

Now focused and dressed, Jenna grabbed an apple as she ran out the door with a spring in her step. The sound of her baby revved up put contagious smile on her dial and within minutes she lapped up the sun’s rays with the roof open. She inhaled, calmed by the aroma of cut sugar cane which awakened happy memories of the time as a child cutting through the paddocks on the way home from school. Even the coolness of the winter air left goose bumps on her skin as it did, back in the day. It was perfect for traveling, one couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day.

Jenna looked in her rear vision mirror and not a soul was to be seen allowing her to enjoy the slow pace of her drive up the coast. She smiled at how her hair was flying around, wondering if it was the best move not wearing a cap after pushing it behind her ear for the umpteen time. Lost in awe with the sky above Jenna was happy her sexual life was back. It wasn’t as she had imagined; two men at once. Though within, she cared for both of them. I’m no different to normal people, she tried to convince herself as Ryan and Andy made her whole.

The power of the V8 purred as she worked the gears, as did her inner being. With a flick of the knob the music boomed out of the Mustang skyward. Keywords as deep, hands and open, sparked images and feelings of her two boys and how they pulled her closer to ecstasy. Her body was humming and grinned as she looked ahead.

The open roads are too good to be true, Jenna thought, exhaling the second as saw the tourist bus. Not for its shear slowness, but for the stink that came out of it making her pleasant drive worse, glad she had spotted a passing lane. Upon zooming past the monstrosity Jenna sighted a brand new MX5 Roadster on the other side of the road. A gorgeous tall dark-haired lady in stilettos stood looking into the boot. It wasn’t the short skirt she spotted first, though it was hard not to admire the woman’s tanned long legs. But it was the Louis Vuitton bags that sat by her heels. Jenna knew the only reason those somewhat expensive suitcases were placed on the dirt was from a blowout. But, she continued driving until she had a safe spot to turn and go help the female, in case she didn’t know how to change a flat tire.

Jenna was sure the girl should’ve jumped from the noise of her car, as she roared to a complete stop behind the damsel in distress. Yet, she didn’t and continued to stare into the car trunk with the cell phone in hand. So much that even popping the Mustang’s rear didn’t grab the dames’ attention. Jenna rocked out of her beast, grabbed her wrench and jack. On approaching she picked up on the stress in the female’s voice. “Can’t you come and help me! I can’t do it. I’ve tried but…” she must have noticed Jenna stumbling over the rocks and turned mid-sentence.

“You need a hand?” Jenna asked, and her breath faltered as the lady standing before her was breath-taking, she was class and more so. Her own heart dropped as she made it obvious to check her over and gaze back to her Mustang.

“Yeah, a girl has pulled over to help. No, she doesn’t look as if she’d hurt me; but she’s somewhat cute in her short shorts and looks to be keen on vintage cars. Not to alarm you darling, she is holding a black triangle thing and something L shape in front of me.” The woman spoke of Jenna as if she couldn’t be overheard; shocked that she had called her a girl considering Jenna was closer to thirty than twenty. Lost in awe, Jenna eyes glanced over every part of the female art form. Yet it was her glossy lips as they parted and recited Jenna’s license plate number to the caller that grabbed her interest. She hadn’t seen ones with such perfection, plump top and bottom, and she yearned to touch them on her own. Jenna widened her eyes and looked to the ground to refocus.

“Yep, just wait and I’ll ask. Can you change a tire, honey?” she questioned with a tone of poshness. Jenna smiled and nodded.

“Sure can!”

“Okay, my friend wants to talk to you.” While nearing Jenna realized this woman smelt as good as a dessert, and accepted the phone from the stranger.


“Thank you for stopping Jenna, I was afraid a crazy man insisting on helping Jess.”

“No. Not a man, just a crazy female.” Jenna laughed out loud and waited to hear the crickets chirp at the awkward silence. “I’m joking.” She reassured him. “Hey, how do you know my name?”

“I’m on my approach, but I’ll still be another twenty minutes before I get there, even though I told Jess I was ten minutes away. I didn’t wish her to freak out… she’s…” he paused as he must have changed his mind on sharing too much. “… she knows nothing of cars. I’d be grateful if you’d wait with her until I get there, assuming you don’t have someplace to be? I… will be indebted.”

Jenna didn’t need to be anywhere, she was happy to help. She neglected to pass on the fact she’d make sure Jess was back on the road before she took off, even if he didn’t ask. “Sure… erm… no, I don’t have a place to be.” Jenna dropped her eyes and peered through her tousled hair. Unaware if Jess had noticed how she had stumbled over her words struggling to evoke his question. Jess was beaming, was she mindful of the effect he had, had? The hotness Jenna felt in her cheeks was a sure sign she was blushing.

“Good.” The masculine voice said. Jenna loved how his words roamed around her mind, absorbed by his deep tone and her imagination. I will owe you, echoed. Was he as handsome as his voice? Jenna focused on a seagull flying.


“Oh, I am.” Jenna coughed as she had realized she’d mimicked her views of the exquisite bird out loud. Who agrees that they’re amazing to a complete stranger? she thought. Jenna handed the phone back to Jess before she spoke another word. A quick shake of the head was what she needed to rid the example her mind had produced by the caller’s voice and the damsel’s luscious lips.

Mesmerised, Jenna had to compel herself to tear her eyes aside from Jess and skimmed her wristwatch. She had twenty minutes to take the tire and get it removed. She crossed at increasing pace towards the opened hood with no exchange of words. Jenna threw her tools on the ground before undoing the fastener on the spare.

“Son of a bitch!” Jenna met with Jess’s brown eyes.

“What happened?” She asked with a concern that Jenna hadn’t expected, but she didn’t need to make a fuss as Jess had spotted the redness of her hand. Jess gripped her wrist to look and pain lanced through her as she touched it. “Don’t worry, Jenna. Dylan can do it when he gets here.”

“No, I can. It needs lube.” Jenna scoffed up spit, spat on the screw and rubbed it over it. Then tightened the bolt backwards half way with the other hand making it easier to undo.

“Ew,” Jess muttered. Jenna held back a smirk as she looked up to see Jess frowning in confusion. It didn’t take long for Jess to turn her back on Jenna before walking away, covering the phone. “Dylan, can you please hurry. I doubt she’s from the right side of town?”

Jenna sniggered to herself as Jess spoke loud enough she might still hear. It’s better to be cautious, Jenna agreed, looking at the three bags that sat on the dirt. Luggage that cost over three months wages, Jenna judged, wondering what this lady did for a living. By the time Jess said goodbye to her so called Dylan, the tire was out of the boot, standing upright and between Jenna’s legs.

“Let’s do this.” Jenna said as she rolled it around to the flat and positioned the wrench on the nuts. “Stupid pressure drills.” Jenna cursed, as she had trouble loosening the lugs, upon taking a big breath, she put her strength behind it and pushed. Jenna flexed her muscles to the max, grunted and a relief flowed throughout her when one loosened. “Shit.” Jenna fell flat on her ass. “Ouch,” passed her lips a second before she laughed as the dust settled on every side of her. She got up rubbing her butt cheeks to sooth them from falling onto the sharp rocks, knowing she’d have a bruise. “One done, now three more,” Jenna said. She paused for a minute trying to prepare for the rest.

When Jenna got the new tire on, she had minutes to spare before Dylan’s arrival. Thank gosh that’s done, and she lowered the jack, the tire was on the ground. Jenna paused, and took a moment, breathing through her nose and wiping the sweat off her brow. Jenna glanced at the tall perfect female specimen that stood before her. She exhaled, envious when she noticed the red soles on the stilettos, yet it disturbed something in the back of Jenna’s mind. She wasted a thousand dollars or more on one pair of heels. Jenna let her judgment go.

“It’s done, Jess. Can I get you to grab the rag out of my trunk so I can clean up the alloy wheels?” Jenna could do it herself, but she wanted to make Jess believe as if she contributed to helping the girl from the wrong side of town. “Alloy?” Jess asked. Jenna went to explain that if she’d chosen the gunmetal colour instead of the silver her grubby prints wouldn’t show up as much. The thought went amiss when she took notice of a siren and inspected the police car parked behind her Mustang with flashing lights.

“Dylan!” Jess waved and tried to run over the bumpy ground in her ten inch heels. Jenna nodded towards handsome dark haired man in the policeman’s uniform. He’s a dish, she thought, and picked up the cloth out of her boot before cleaning her hands so at least she could shake his hand. No wonder he knew my name. She put the jack back in place, wiped the dust off her legs and pivoted as she felt as if someone watched over her.

“Finished,” Jenna said, yet she found it hard to breathe as she stared into his brown eyes. “Um, can you check the hubs and make sure I screwed them enough.” The instant she verbalized the word screw, her libido flared; parched.

“Yes, I must examine your handy work.” Dylan paused from taking the wrench out of the trunk and glanced at Jenna with piercing eyes as if he was observing her reaction to such words. Examine away, she intended to say out loud, though she chickened out leaving her mouth ajar. When she said nothing Dylan furrowed his brow for a few seconds before he strolled away though executing a confidence which aroused her. Was it his voice or his lingering gaze that grabbed her attention?

She sighed sure it was neither. It was the gun and cuffs that sat on his waist that appeased her. She had to admit he was a package of a different kind; everything spelt danger, manliness and strength. She shook her head, stop thinking, she told herself.

“It was this tire, Dylan. I was so scared. The car wobbled, and I thought that was it. Imagine if I died? Never seeing me again.” Jess cried. Jenna was in shock as Jess didn’t speak to her the whole twenty minutes and here she was jabbering. Glad in a way as Jenna doesn’t handle drama queens well. Dylan didn’t say a thing. The way he cocooned her before his lips made their way to hers was enough to calm Jess. Jenna watched, envious of the unspoken love that surrounded them.

“Thanks for helping. I mean it, Jenna, I owe you.” Dylan said, as he handed back her tool. And that was it. No way could she could venture onto Port Douglas now she was coated with dust and grime; instead she headed home for a shower. As they waved goodbye, Jenna gave a final smile, revved up her Mustang and spun the tires as she drove away. Once the cheekiness subsided from accomplishing a burn out in front of a cop, she was full of emptiness.

Unable to comprehend what the hell had passed between her and Dylan when he displayed a strong love for Jess. Unsure if she was imagining it? Her senses tingled as his brown eyes bored into her soul. She shook it off, her mind was running in overdrive; lack of sleep, too much sex and a hangover was catching up with her. Jenna needed to get in touch with her practical side, aware that she was being idiotic as Dylan had a drop dead gorgeous girlfriend. “With lots of money,” voicing her thoughts aloud.

After arriving home Jenna did as any car lover does on a non-work day; wash it. Anterior to the apartments, she disregarded the gawking eyes and woof whistles as she sponged it. Jenna plodded along, taking her time until she noticed the rain clouds ahead and rushed to finish the final rub over before getting her baby back under cover. She turned the music up louder while she waited for the garage door to lift and flinched at the person who stuck their head in her driver’s side window.

“Dylan, you scared the shit out of me.”

“Nice and clean I see… you and the Mustang.” He lowered his glasses, ignored her comment and ran his eyes over her bikinis. Jenna stalled the car. Shocked at how her body reacted to his flirting.

“Are you going to harass me now because I helped out your sweetheart…Officer?”

He chuckled. “I wanted to issue you with a ticket for that little show you put on when you left.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Jenna’s nostrils flared, Idiot.

“Gee, you are feisty, Miss Jenna Trilby.”

“Yes, I am.” Jenna was ready to fire back. “I can’t believe you’ll give me a bloody ticket after everything I did to help out your lady!” she mocked. “I’m not here to present you with an infringement notice.”

“Oh! Good. Now get your head out of my car.” And she pushed his shoulders back, still cranky at his little joke.

“Then again, you know it’s an offense to manhandle a police officer, don’t you?” Jenna rolled her eyes at him.

“What? You will arrest me instead?”


“For Christ sake Dylan, you were in my personal space. Don’t you have someone else to annoy? Maybe criminals.” Jenna said, cocking an eyebrow at him.

“Nah, I have finished for the day, so you’re safe. I don’t have my cuffs on me to take you in to the station. Though something makes me think you’d be keen if I shackled you.” Jenna shut up as Dylan placed his sunglasses on his head and starred into her eyes. To distract herself and cool her thoughts, she started up her car. The voice in her head liked how fine he was teasing her with his eyes, while her anger grew from his sentiments. Confusion set in and she gripped the steering wheel hard.

“I wanted to give you these as thanks.” Dylan pulled out a dozen red roses from behind him. Jenna’s heart skipped a beat; unaware of what to make of it.

“You didn’t have too.” Was an automatic response, not knowing what else to say. A silence whirled around her, her mind went into a spin and she asked herself, why red, why not yellow? Why I, not we? She held his gaze without a word, glad when she spotted a car pulling up behind her in the rear vision mirror. “I better get moving.”

“Yeah, so should I. Thanks for helping out Jess and making today… interesting.” Then he turned on his heel. “The world needs more kind-hearted people as you, Jenna.” Dylan lowered his glasses, smiled that cute smile of his and left. To leave behind Jenna dumfounded why twelve long stem roses sat on the front seat.