The Simply Breathtaking Series

About the Author

melissa craigG’day from an Australian  Erotica Author.

Hi. My name is Melissa Craig and I want to share a little bit about myself before discussing my novellas.  I live in Australia – the top end. Yes in the heat. I am surrounded by the Rainforest and The Great Barrier Reef. My inspiration behind the Simply Breathtaking Series.

I awake every morning to have my Nespresso.  It helps me function for the rest of the day. I need to function so I can write EROTICA. Writing about men’s hard bodies is a hard job. But, someone has to do it.  It’s like going to the gym.  My heart is always pumping at double speed. Blood rushes to  every nerve in my body. I am parched constantly, making me swallow hard and lick my lips.  I feel little trickles of sweat in places I didn’t know possible (It could just be the humidity here, but I think not). See writing EROTICA is like doing a cardio work out. 

OK! Now I am breathless. I need a glass of coke and to get back to telling you about the stories I write.

I released my debut erotica novella called PLENTIFUL PACKAGE  in October, 2011 in e-book edition and then Paperback in November, 2011.  It’s the first novella in the Simply Breathtaking Series – which will be six books. stay tuned for the release news of the next five. 

I am very lucky to be a new author and hit number #2 on the Amazon Hot New Reads for Erotica on the 1st December, 2011. Plentiful Package stayed in the top 10 for 3 weeks.  Yay! During that time it also made it to number #32 in the top 100 in Erotica on Amazon and stayed in the charts for 2 weeks. I am very thankful for making it to the top 100 after it was only just released.  Plentiful Package is available in Paperback and e-book edition. Check out the links to the right hand side bottom corner  – Where to Buy.

I do have other stories  in the making which will definitely titillate your taste buds, leaving your body and neither regions humming. Ummm!

Ample Attraction the second book in the Simply Breathtaking Series was a finalist in the 2012 AUSTRALIAN ROMANCE READERS AWARDS, nominated for the favourite Erotic Romance… I was even lucky enough that I was up against Sylvia Day and Bared to You… Awesome..

I’d better go, I have lots to do…

Enjoy my reads any way you can. And I mean it ANY WAY!