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The Power And Passion Of A Kiss!

I thought it was time to throw my article published in the Born Organized Magazine out of the wood works again. Especially with Valentine’s Day as I found the VD cards full of crap that no one wants to hear or say. Never under-estimate the power of a kiss people. An amazing kiss can take you to another realm.

(January Column 2014) The Power and Passion of a Kiss!

With the school year approaching, mums are busier than normal. Just as Christmas winds down it starts all over again, however the only things on your mind are getting those supplies for school. Whether it be books, stationary, shoes, backpacks or uniforms your time is dedicated to the preparation of another year of education. We are stressed and sometimes the one thing that always gets forgotten is pampering you and your partner. And by all means I don’t mean going out and spending lots money on weekends away or going out for dinner.  Gosh, going back to school and Christmas cost enough as it is, plus you don’t have time in your schedule. You’re busy thinking of a million things at once and time is a contributing factor, but a kiss or two a day doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t take long. A kiss will revolutionize your relationship.

The one thing I have found through studies is that kissing is the key to helping put things back on track. Kissing stimulates endorphins (testosterone when addressing it clinically) which is responsible for sex drive, it releases neurotransmitters associated with wellbeing and pleasure. That’s why I always include a lot of kissing in my books, as kissing and the feeling of euphoria helps stimulates the reader to connect with the characters mind, body and spirit. A simple thing you can adapt into your everyday world, especially now at one of the most stressful times of the year.

Twenty seconds a day is all it takes. Yes twenty seconds to help re-establish the excitement of sexual anticipation with your partner. A ten second kiss departing in the morning and a ten second on reunion, can positively influence your feelings for each other. Try it. A ten second kiss is a lot longer than you think and of course during that time you may as well open your mouth, allow your tongues to entwine and experience the warmth travel all the way down your inner core. For ten seconds, twice a day you can forget about all your school stress and focus on embracing one another, feeling each other’s strength and the love you share. It’s time to stop thinking, hurry up let’s get this done already with a quick peck. Take a moment to focus on one another and be lost in the moment of the kiss. Excite one another again with that magnetic pull, the passion of lips locking is power.

Everyone can manage twenty seconds a day, even for the busiest couples. A kiss or two a day will help bond a couple ever more deeply with each other. I know a kiss to me means more than anything, it ignites that flame, it makes you breathless, and it will end up lasting more than ten seconds that’s for sure. Pucker up and put that lipstick on. Don’t forget you are important and it’s not always about the kids. Pamper yourself with the passion of a kiss. Enjoy it any way you can! Mwah!

Melissa Craig


Melissa Craig Column “The Power and Passion of a Kiss!”


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