The Simply Breathtaking Series

What is it about hats? I’m curious.

I did the groceries the other day wearing a simple blue jeans and white t-shirt with a cap. The whole time I got the weirdest of looks. I didn’t think my co-ordination of clothes were that bad. I know I wasn’t wearing makeup (maybe that was it) but it concerned me. I thought, Holly shit I can’t even go out without makeup. Do I look that bad? I don’t care about what people think about my dress sense as I’m confident within myself. But I was being self conscious.

If I was wearing heels, skirt and blouse I could understand the look as I get that from many women at book signings if their partner is with them. Plus, a few women in Cairns dress that way and I get.. “Love are you up from Sydney?”. But I wasn’t dressed up, or my hair straightened. I was wearing boyfriend type jeans and a white shirt, a cap and pony tail. It’s my go to outfit when I don’t want to think of what to wear or while writing. Maybe people were trying to work out if I was a lesbian or not. I don’t know.

It bothered me that a cap makes people look twice. I got men and women of all different ages giving me evil glares, or the total opposite with smiles of “how you doing” People were helpful when I dropped items from my trolley. Yet I turn the isle and walk pass a woman and I got the death look. People not like caps inside shopping centers? Am I being disrespectful? I know I got in trouble two weeks ago from my Dad as I sat down for lunch with my hat on and he made everyone wait until I took it off before we could eat. My bad. My kids loved it. I got in trouble with my Dad at my age.

I don’t know why I got good and bad looks. I’m not a nasty person. 😦 Hence the reason for a rant on my blog. I’m curious and today is the day I will try it out again. Plain and simple outfit, but with a little bit of makeup. People are funny creatures and damn my curiosity. Wish me luck. snapchat-239124737

Enjoy it any way you can!

Melissa Craig




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