The Simply Breathtaking Series

Can I go back to my writing cave please?

I love Christmas and the festive season, but I am over the long work hours. (Blah at working everyday. I am more of a three days a week sort of girl.) Being face to face social, smiling and being happy with people that are rude, grumpy and whine about money  is doing my head in. I can be a socialite. I love nothing better than wining and dining when I have time. But too much of it makes me want to hide and write, but no one understands that. Except my writing friends, who I haven’t had time for.  (Love you guys if you are reading this.) Yep, I can be antisocial and I love it.  Being home alone…(no pun intended with the movie and Christmas time) sounds perfect right about now.

How do I know I am over it? I took my poor baby Hugo (puppy) outside for his morning wee. Yay he is waking up at a more civilized time now, thank gosh. Anyway I took him out, he did his business. I called him to come and he didn’t. I went to pick him up, he ran away. He did it again. “Hugo, come!”  He wanted to play and I got cranky at him.  Hate time wasting with a passion. I paused and realized. Playing for ten minutes with your puppy isn’t a waste of time it’s down time. It gives me a chance to watch the sunrise, to hear the birds chirp and take a moment to relax before this crazy rat race of a week. Plus I  didn’t get to do my normal muck around play time with him the night before and I was buying Christmas Presents. My fur baby wanted mummy time. Who can blame him right? *joke*
I published  two short stories in the last week and I haven’t had time to promote them, Playful Distraction and Nothing Innocent .  Which is a pain, as you put so much effort into getting them out there and if you don’t promote people don’t know about them. 😦 My short stories are self published and it takes a lot of time formatting for kindle and iBooks as they are different formats, plus it had been a while since I have done it. My mind was working overtime. Re-working the book covers was a… How do I change the pixel width  again?  It was a relief when completed, and yes I let my hair down afterwards for a whole weekend. Starting the minute Playful Distraction was available on Kindle. I finished work on the Friday night and headed to a mates house and  enjoyed two bottles of wine. Erm a little queasy on the Saturday, but a good  sweaty workout fixed that. I knew I should have been promoting, but Sunday was a perfect day for the reef; 2 knots. The gods wanted me to go, it was perfect weather so I did.  Love driving the boat out to the Great Barrier Reef when it’s dead calm, not a boat could be seen.  I got to swim with a shark or two and survived. Bonus. The 2.5m  hammerhead shark  made me look around constantly on shark duty while out there so much so it was only a half a day trip. But helped with scenes that need to be written in Bellibone.

Last weekend was great as I had my little reward for finishing the stories. But now I need to pull my finger out (Oi, stop going there) and get back into writing, as writing makes me happy. If only I could say no to the day job today, hide in the writing cave and lock the door so no one comes in. LOL. Dreams are free. Ekk, I start in an hour I better get dressed for work. Sigh.

It’s two days until Christmas and I haven’t even organized what I’m cooking. Normally I have the Xmas menu finished the week before hand. I have the Turkey at least. Ah!  Gotta go. Thanks for the vent.

Merry Christmas and be safe.
Enjoy it any way you can!



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