The Simply Breathtaking Series

You may need a ‘Playful Distraction’ this time of year.

Actually, you need it. Honestly, you do. Playful Distraction is my new short story involving the characters from The Pleasures Of The Professor Series. I know it’s not the novel you’ve been waiting for. But I felt I needed to get Rick and Logan out of my head so I could concentrate on Bellibone story.

Love the exclusive photo from Jimmy Thomas for the cover. Hello, who doesn’t like fingers travelling down ones hipbone? Erm focus Melissa. If you wish for me to sign your kindle edition *waggle eyebrows* Playful distraction is now on my authorgraph page. Why not send me a request to sign a book for FREE this Christmas?


playful-distraction-kindle-photo Enjoy it any way you can! Mwah!

Merry Christmas.

Melissa Craig


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