The Simply Breathtaking Series

The moment your heart drops, but kick starts again.

“Melissa I came off my bike. Got knocked out. I may need help,” said with ragged breath. This is one thing you never want to hear. Whether it be a son, daughter, friend, loved ones or a stranger. It’s an automatic stop everything moment, pull yourself together, help and freak out later. Mountain biking is a sport with so many more injuries than kite surfing, it does my head in sometimes. What makes it worse is that I suggested the ride. Guilt kicked in. If I said nothing, he wouldn’t be hurt now.

I was thankful he could talk. Conscious and coherent . No vomiting. Good. Can’t see any bones sticking out. Thank gosh. Eyes dilating evenly Head should be good. Grazes everywhere, surface only. Ran hands over big lumps I could see. Possible breakages or bruised bones. Check out head. Please god let there be no bloodRelief.  Check the ears for blood. Phew. He walks around. Then I see red, not just the blood. Dealing with a man that isn’t thinking straight from being knocked out, double my weight is like dealing with a toddler. “Can you stop walking around I need to check you out.” “No, need to keep moving. I’m good.” “No you aren’t. Do what you’re told and stand still, you’re limping.  “Yeah my hip hurts.” “I can’t see shit, I have to take your shorts off and check it out.” “Okay.” “And your shirt, as your back is covered with dirt.” Here I was stripping him off. I needed to see if I could drive him to the hospital or call an ambulance. Bruised, grazed, a battered back and shoulder though that seemed okay. I still couldn’t diagnose anything with his hip as he had bib shorts on. I pulled them partially off and cringed at the damage.

“Is this what is takes for you to pull my pants down?” I felt like flicking the Lycra back on him to induce pain, but I rolled my eyes instead. In an instant my concern changed. “You’re fine. Though I’ll take you to the doctors to get checked out if you need.”  Any man that’s able to flirt while injured is okay. Thankful as my heart kick started again, time will heal, no broken bones. Well, maybe will find out after x-rays. I think I aged a few years yesterday afternoon and a new recreational sport may be needed.  Anyone want to buy a mountain bike? I am getting too old for this shit.

Make the most of everyday people. Life can change drastically at any moment.

Enjoy it any way you can! (within reason)

Melissa Craig. x




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