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Don’t skip meals. It’s the start of a downhill slide.

I swear it’s this time of year, especially as a parent. As a mum I call November crazy season as school is finishing, we have concerts, sports finals, Christmas parties, and family visit and at some stage I end up sick with a bug. Once a year I get sick and I didn’t notice how little things are warning signs. I am writing this blog in hope to help others spot the downhill slide and help you change it to an upward climb to being healthy.

Several factors come into play and I am an idiot for not realizing something was up before I craved coke a cola and a crumbed cheese and bacon sausage as a snack. Yep, smack me (my hand) as I caved and I never eat those things. Two days later I end up with a vomiting bug. No, it wasn’t because of food poisoning. I like to find out why things happen and I spent the morning researching why I ended up around the porcelain bowl so it doesn’t happen again. It was because several factors came into play.

Number 1: I skipped meals as I was too busy working and running around equals no time. (No, no)

Number 2: I’ve been working full time as a manager and not getting home until dark, trying to write any moment I could while ensuring my kids had home cooked meals and maintaining a household. I forgot a major thing. Vitamin D, I was lacking the suns rays. I needed some UV.

Number 3: I go to the gym or exercise three times a week and that stopped. Not only is my body showing with tuck-shop arms now from my lack of fitness. I lacked that blood-flowing and that re-energize feeling. We need exercise breaks to keep healthy.

Number 4: My sleep pattern changed and ate dinner at 8 or 8:30pm as I was home late. Then the normal everyday chores needed doing or writing before sleep. The pressure of finishing this book is mounding, so I didn’t go to bed at normal time and stayed up. I was having less than six hours sleep and out of my natural sleeping rhythm. (Tut, tut)

Number 5: I had stopped having my Arbonne caffeine-free herbal tea every morning, and I hadn’t for two weeks as I didn’t have time for it to steep before running out the door. (Make time, I know.) Dr. Oz stated that Studies show this floral-derived brew can ward off colds or, if you come down with one, ease your symptoms more quickly. Dr. Oz – How to Prevent Colds. Back on the herbal tea to build up my immunity again.

Yes my immunity was down, and I caught a bug. It wasn’t from not washing my hands as I am a freak with clean hands. My kids sneeze and they think I’m crazy when I freak out as they continue on with what they’re doing and I’m ordering them to stop and immediately wash their hands. No joke they roll their eyes at me when I get out the hand sanitizer before eating out in public. (All my Directing days of working in childcare and accreditation, Hand sanity.)

It was a simple thing that got me sick. I found out one of my colleagues came down with the bug that night after I worked all day with her and we always cuddle on departure. If my immunity wasn’t down I may have had a cramp or two instead. This time of year everyone tries to fit in extra hours at work to earn more money for Christmas  before the long school summer break for the kids. But sometimes we have to remember our body is more important than anything and we need to fuel it. I now know why Zoe Bingley-Pullin always says Melissa put a slice of orange in the kids water bottles everyday. Preventing bugs with healthy living is the way to go. Don’t skip meals this holiday season.

I am off to go and soak some Vitamin D while drinking my herbal tea. Have a super Sunday.

Enjoy it any way you can!

Melissa Craig.





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