The Simply Breathtaking Series

I laugh at my own mirror neurons.

You know when you read a story and you relate to a character? It means you’re mirror neurons are activated. These neurons help build the connection to a story by relating it with someone you recognize. Simple behavior of a character, an emotion portrayed, a visual feature or an action on the page you read activates your brain to go into overdrive. Happens to most of us and that’s why some people are stronger at backing one character over another… e.g. Team Edward or Team Jacob in Twilight. People read something and associate it to their own life. This also another reason people always say, ‘Oh, Melissa she sounds like you.’

Er… first I wrote it, so yeah you will associate me to the characters. Emotions I’ve had at some point will be in all of my stories. If a character says something I would in real life doesn’t mean the character is me. It means you associate as me and without a doubt you will say ‘Melissa you’re Jenna.’ I swear black and blue I am not, but you would never trust me as your mirror neurons fire up and the animal instinct kicked in, and you associate me with something you read or observed.

I’m writing this blog post as I find it interesting coming from being a book reader most of my life and having a strong passion towards certain characters and now while writing stories I still do the same. My brain gets scrambled while writing as my mirror neurons kick in. Even as the author I call to mind someone or something I’ve seen. It gets that bad that sometimes I stop writing and laugh my ass off as I write their name in the manuscript in place of the character.

‘Cool Melissa wrote me into a story.’ Well… I probably did, but you wouldn’t have a way of knowing unless the I told you. Anyway I am getting side tracked. My mirror neurons lean towards the things I like in people who help form the characters I write about. No it doesn’t mean that if you know me you’re ‘one’ certain character, it means if you do something I recall, you may be who I associate with a certain action, emotion, behavior of a character; male or female. Perfume, cologne, hair color, clothing, car, sounds made while chewing, or something silly.

My point in this post is that I can’t believe as I write I see people I experience before my eyes, even if he or she is the total opposite of the character formed.  I suppose that’s what makes people connect to a story, a character. It mirrors someone they may roll in the hay with or talk with on a: daily basis. Thought I would share  this information as we as authors feel the same as readers, well I do. Watch out people anything I come into contact with may end up in a story. Just saying.

Enjoy it any way you can!

Melissa Craig.

Why not read The Unblemished Librarian and find out who you see. xx


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