The Simply Breathtaking Series

I shouldn’t go to shops when in a deep writing mode. #LOL

About 2500 words into writing, after only an hour I stopped, grabbed a coffee which pulled me away from the computer and allowed my everyday mind to kick in… problem number 1. Don’t stop and get coffee. I thought where on earth is this chapter going to fit into the next book? 

This was a new chapter that sprung up out of the blue. I am a panster, and panster writers don’t think about plotting and planning we don’t know what happens until it happens and I freaked out as in the everyday world I plan and plot everything. It’s hard when my everyday mind crosses over with my writing mind as they are total opposites. 

This was my internal battle today. 
Everyday mind: Am I wasting my valuable time on this chapter that may not fit in? I hate wasting time. I could catch up with a mate for coffee or do housework?
Writer mind: No it always works out. Stop being silly. Get your arse in the seat.
EM: I will go to the shops, clear the mind.
WM: Yes driving gets you back into the creative world.

The minute I drove I got carried away with the story which was a yay! Thank gosh. Which meant everyday mind was kicked to the corner… so was the corner for the shop. I had driven 20 kilometres before I realized erm where am I going? Problem number 2 – Creative mind takes over. I was driving to work on autopilot. I did a U-turn and finally made it to the shops to get basics. Milk and bread. Meanwhile, I stopped at the blocks of cheese and the story became clear. It wasn’t until a worker came up and said are you having trouble deciding on a cheese?

“No, why?”
“Because you have been staring at this same spot for ten minutes.”
“Oh gosh, have I. No. I am good. Thank you for asking. Things on my mind is all.” I smiled and blushed embarrassed, it felt like ten seconds I swear.

Problem number 3… when a new chapter is strong don’t go in public as I act as an air-head. Head slap.

LOL. I had to share. The joys of being a writer. But being an air-head writer makes me happy. xxxIMG_20150525_174608

Enjoy it any way you can!

Melissa Craig. Mwah!


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