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WTH! Detention for a button?

I have heard everything. I am wondering if private schooling is the way to go for my kids. My blood is boiling over what sparked a yelling fest between my children first thing in the morning. I will be the first parent to put my hand up and say yep my kids fight. Siblings do… and if you say your kids don’t I call bullshit. With two teenagers in the house a boy and a girl… hormones are testosterone are flaring big time. That is another story.

My main reason for this post is that my high schooler was yelling at my youngest who is in year two about her uniform. I rolled my eyes thinking… isn’t it a beautiful peaceful morning, oh the serenity? I tried to give it around 20 seconds to let them work it out before adult intervention… but this time they weren’t letting up. The next minute the noise level went up an octave, I could hear their voices crackling and at a crying point for all three of them. My kids are a little like I was in school; always like to do the right thing, ad bide by the rules, never get into trouble, never get detention. A pleasure to teach is always on the report card. So when one of them might get a detention because they are breaking the rules they make sure it won’t happen. This went down.

Amber you can’t wear that uniform you have a button missing?
It’s just a button, she answered.
Yeah but if you have a button missing you get a detention. Go put another one on.
No this one is ironed and Mum would have to iron another.
So, that’s better than getting a detention for a button. You can’t get a detention. We’ve never had detention. Go change it! (The two of them yelling by this stage and I had to step in.)
Me: Are you saying you guys get a detention for a missing button on your uniform?
Yes we do and we don’t want Amber to get one, but she won’t listen.

WTH! Detention for a button? First up, that’s the most idiotic thing I have ever heard. Stupid private school being the fashion police. Yeah, a normal thing would be to mention to the child they noticed a button missing on the uniform and maybe ask mummy to sew on a button when you get home. But a detention is an overkill. What happened to getting detention for smoking on the oval, wagging school or swearing at a teacher? These are the bad things that were dealt a detention in my day. Parents are busy, kids dress themselves for school and I will be honest I don’t look at every garment I put into the washing machine otherwise I would be in the laundry longer than I already am. I have washing coming out of my ears with three kids.

Sorry getting side tracked. I let Amber wear the uniform as I didn’t have time to sew one on or iron another to the disgust of my older two; I didn’t send a note along to apologise that her uniform was out-of-order on purpose even though my older two couldn’t understand why I would get Amber in trouble. I wanted to see how this played out and I was in a don’t mess with me mood, the perfect time to deal with it. On the drive into school I gave them the talk if they give you a detention for a button EVER you tell me and I will get down to that school and give them my two cents worth. Amber if you get a detention today don’t you let the teachers make you feel bad, don’t cry. It’s not your fault they have nothing better to do than pick on kids for a button. Make sure you remember what teacher gave you the detention and not just mummy will go down to the school. I am sure Daddy would be agree with me on this. You wear that shirt, if a teacher mentions the button say, “Oh do I? Thanks for letting me know.” Smile and continue to play as if a button missing is nothing. The world won’t end because of it and lets see what they do. “Okay, I can do that,” she said. “You can. Mummy does it all the time. Never make a grumpy negative person bring you down sweetie, you are in control of how they make you feel. Have a good day. Smile.”

Bring it on I say. LOL. I’m thinking paying for private schooling is a waste of time and money. What has happened to common courtesy from people and mentioning a button missing and realising most parents work these days and things get missed. Putting fear into kids for a button and threatening a detention is wrong for something that is nothing, period. Encouraging good behaviour, positive interactions, always win out with kids not focusing on the negative. How on earth are children suppose to feel good about themselves if the teachers are focusing on what’s wrong with how they look? Oh! A kid is dishevelled as they don’t have a button, quick jump on it as someone might see them. Put them in the office as they are an embarrassment. Gee…Stop wasting time on petty things and refocus on teaching instead. Sigh.

Melissa Craig


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