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Did you get your results? Yep, it’s cancer. Shit! Shit is right.

Appreciate the little things in life and live every day as if it is a special occasion people I always say.

I noticed a lump on a cleaners face and said. “You should get that looked at as the it has increased massively since last week.” “Yeah I’m going to the docs today,” he replied. This was last Monday, a week ago. I saw him today and he looked horrible. “Did you get yours results from the bloods last week?” I asked very concerned as he looked very depressed. “Yep, it’s cancer.” “Shit!” Came out of my mouth and my heart dropped. Two weeks ago no lump could be seen on his face. “Shit is right.” We both fell quiet I touched his cheek. “Okay let’s get this thing out, when are you getting the biopsy?” “I haven’t heard from them on a date yet. Then I can have surgery and start chemo.” “When did they tell you it was cancer?” “Tuesday.”

I saw red… Six days had gone by, his emotions would have been in turmoil and he still had no direction with his life. If you have ever played this waiting game…what if I don’t see my kids have kids…it’s not fun. This guy isn’t my family member. Just a guy that I wave hello at and have a little chat sometimes as he cruises by picking up rubbish. Here I was about to tell a 65-year-old guy what to do.  “You ring them now and say you want it tomorrow, and surgery asap.” “Melissa it doesn’t work like that.” By this stage my blood was boiling. “My arse it doesn’t. I will go to the doctors now and see them myself if I have too and don’t worry about the cost as I’ll make sure you get the money. I will go shop to shop and fundraise if it is needed.” “Melissa, I have money, you don’t need to do that.” “Then you insist they do the biopsy this week. You have a bloody golf ball on the side of your face. You need it out now! The sooner you know what stage the cancer is the better the outcome.”

I couldn’t help myself. “The stupid medical system… what do they think it’s okay to leave a growth on the side of your face?” I was getting involved no matter what. I stormed into the medical centre… I need to see doctor… please. I looked at him in the eye… “You get …. biopsy organised now, the sooner  the lump is out the better, he’s already waited a week too long. I will stand here until you get it booked. I don’t care who you have to call. You get it organized or I will be calling the GEM of this practice and if I have to call my cousin who is a doctor of the oncology unit in Brisbane to get your arse moving I will!”

I had my rant and it worked. I don’t like confrontations, and I am still angry while writing this post, but cancer is serious. One shouldn’t have to wait that long for a biopsy to be booked, meanwhile his soul is dying inside. The doctor should have got on the phone and booked it the minute he saw the results…yes the biopsy is booked now, thank gosh. The moment I was out of sight of everyone I lost it, I cried for a few minutes, composed myself and thought No sometimes we have to be pushy to get things done. I hate being the growling mama bear, but if it’s the difference between life or death I will intervene . Every moment counts.

If you ever feel a lump and not sure what it is, please get it checked out. I truly couldn’t believe how much this thing had grown on his face in a week. I felt sick at the thought at how he was feeling. I hope I helped him sleep a little better tonight. I always believe knowing is better than the unknown.

Cuddle a loved one.

Melissa Craig








2 responses

  1. Okay, pausing to get my heart going again when I thought *you* had cancer…

    GOOD FOR YOU for making a stink! Healthcare especially for those who are over 50 or so…who aren’t rich…can go way down in quality on this side of the pond, too. Getting a doctor to listen to me is just unbelievably hard. They’re paid to push pills, period. I have friends who live with pain for MONTHS because their doctors schedule their surgeries waaay out.

    Good for you for kicking their arses on this. If the guy’s carcinoma is moving that fast, it’s criminal to wait a moment.

    **********Melissa’s gold stars for the day***********************

    August 8, 2016 at 1:42 pm

  2. justinbog

    You are one in a million stars…helping and actually doing, making change happen against a thoughtless system. Hope this guy gets great help. xoxo

    August 8, 2016 at 6:24 pm

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