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Ekk I had a #GeorgeClooney moment!


Now before you go thinking I met him or something… NO! I said I had a moment, and no not in a sexy imaginative somewhat way… hang on… now my mind wonders to his tallness and silver locks, cough. Anyway, back to why I’m doing a blog post. Nespresso! This was my moment, I can even hear the Nespresso music playing in my mind right now as I recall it.

Gathered around the Nespresso machine as one does before starting the day. I stand waiting for my turn and look for the pods… “Is that the last Nespresso pod?” I asked, paused and looked from the man before me to watch the last coffee drip into the glass. “Yep. What else?” he replied. I must have had a disappointed look. He pulled it from the tray and held it out. “You can have it.” I take it, smile and put it down on the bench before I laugh my arse off. “We just had a George Clooney moment.” I backhanded him on the shoulder (softly) “You’re George and I’m the beautiful thing that walks away with the coffee.” “Except you ain’t looking so beautiful today, Melissa. Did you even look in the mirror?” “Oh my god, how rude. I would give you half of this espresso, but stuff you it’s mine.” I hide it from him. “Nah, you can have a sip. A short nip.” Pissing ourselves laughing. I can’t be mean.

He walks away empty-handed while I lean on the bench sipping the rest of my short black before poking out my tongue. Yes, I am very mature…. “And you aren’t George, he’s incomparable.” He looked back at me, I finished the last drop, licked my lips and waggled my eyebrows. He he I am such a stirrer. “Mm-mm.”

One day I may have a nice Nespresso moment with a tall guy with silver locks. Have a fantastic Friday.

Image result for nespresso photos

Enjoy it any way you can!

Melissa Craig


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