The Simply Breathtaking Series

Are your stay up stockings falling down?

No, I’m not referring to the welcomed way they’re shimmied down by your lover. I am talking about that moment you’re walking along, sexy as hell as you’re wearing lace lingerie, hosiery, stilettos and then your world comes crashing down as the adhesive coating under the lace stockings loosens around your thigh and next moment you’re rushing to the ladies to rip them off and throw them in the bin…. Goodbye $25.

Other than you lost all that money on the first wear and you also wished they were coming off at the end of the date not at the start (I always keep a spare in my bag in-case) especially when you’ve planned to place that gorgeous stiletto on a chair and tease your partner with black stay ups stockings…;) … your fantasy is crushed, but spending extra cash on another pair just in case isn’t always a choice. It’s embarrassing when it happens and yes it happens a lot ladies as wearing suspender belts aren’t always an option when wearing a tight-fitting skirt.

Nothing is worse than going out on a date and having to walk with a limp as you’re trying to hold up your stocking… awkward. So I started my investigation… not that I am saying it has happened. Cough… Okay it has. Screenshot_2016-05-11-21-59-52_1_1

At first I thought it was because of the cold weather, or maybe it was only a certain brand… I set off on a means to an end. I found Ambra brand stay up a longer than others… as I was paying over $30, but Ambra are around $15 a pair.  Yep, I tried cheap ones, and they stayed up just as well… but they weren’t as sexy or feel the same for the hand gliding up them… depends on the denier you like.

But feeling them isn’t what this post is about. It’s about the ways of keeping them up and why they may fall down. I like to get at least two wears out of a pair especially if they’re over $20 as long as I don’t get a run from… anyway to keep them staying up and intact is by making sure you wash the adhesive with the warm water to rid any dirt, sweat, oils etc. after every wear. Sometimes I add a small amount and I mean a small amount of talc powder between the adhesive and the thigh in hot weather. Another big reason my stocking fell down is because I always moisturize after a shower and it’s a no, no to apply perfume or cream from the knee to the upper inner thigh… not a good thing for a moisturizer freak like myself. I love the effects of a pheromone scent and this doesn’t mean you can’t moisturize… it means you shouldn’t apply it to the area that the lace is.

It’s not a wardrobe malfunction it’s all in the planning. Make sure you prepare adequately and fingers crossed you don’t have a stockings melt down soon.  Now I better go and get some more hosiery.

Enjoy it any way you can.
Melissa Craig. xx


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