The Simply Breathtaking Series

Allow that Naughty or Nice feeling this festive season.

You know what I’m talking about…

Christmas is a hard time of year with bills coming in constantly and trying to think of something that will wow the person that means most to you is impossible without a big price tag. However, I tell people don’t forget the best Christmas present you can give your partner doesn’t have to be expensive as it can be a simple naughty or nice treat in the bedroom, shower or even at the dinning room table. Stop raising your eyebrows at me…sharing a sexy snack with a scarf over ones eyes as you kiss and slowly feed them sweet treats is nice. If you’re feeling a bit on the naughty side why not titillate your taste buds as well and sip some cold champagne before unbuttoning the shirt and running your own tongue over his/her nipples. Apparently the icy-coldness restricts capillaries, heightening senses which may lead to other sinful sensations. *waggle eyebrows*

Now that you have paused, looked up and to the right … You’ve constructed a picture of your own sexy in-the-sack wish list I don’t need to give you any more ideas, but if you’re thinking about restocking the ice container read the paragraph above again! *cough* Focus…
Some of you may not be confident enough to be naughty and that’s okay, being a good girl can be just as over powering, passionate and playful. I do have a few helpful hints from Victoria’s Secret photographer Russell James that may help set the sexy mood this festive season…

* Good lighting… use mid-level lights as overhead lighting is harsh and unflattering. Use the dimmer or softer lighting makes it more dreamy.
*  Wax or wick lightning is most flattering even battery operated candle-type lights can be amazing as warm, flickering tones will make your skin look airbrushed.
*  Use frosted bulbs that appear opaque as they project white light in a soft, halo-like way as lightbulbs matter just as much as light positioning.

So what are you waiting for? Get thinking, put on some Xmas red lingerie or the set that you feel most sexy in. Grab some tinsel, ribbon, body wash, whipped cream, candles… lure him or her with your lips and enjoy being emotionally intimate and feeling connected. Don’t forget to turn the mobiles off.

Merry Christmas… now you can fill up the ice-cube tray.

Enjoy it any way you can!

Melissa Craig


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