The Simply Breathtaking Series

It has been months!

Yes, it has been months since my last blog post, and I’m so sorry. Time has got away from me. I haven’t even told you I published a short story called Mrs.Striking a month or so ago. It reached the top 100 paid on Australian Amazon which was a yay moment. I don’t even know if it made it lower as I’ve been way to busy to check out my rankings daily. Gee more like I haven’t done it monthly, let alone daily.

I had a quick visit 24 hour visit to Sydney for the Sydney Writers Festival and of course it wasn’t long enough. Glad I got to go, panels are so informative. Pitty, I didn’t have a book signing. 😦 On the up note, Boolarong Press has organized two book signings in Brisbane during the Brisbane Writers Festival in September at Dymocks in Carindale and Angus & Robertson in Post Office Square, more details soon.

Of course I can’t go to Sydney without seeing my lovely Aussie author friends Dionne Lister & Ciara Ballintyne.IMG_20150523_151449

I also saw “Vivid” briefly while I was in Sydney. If you ever get a chance to take the family to see it, you should. Next year hopefully I will. It was an amazing light show, wish my phone hadn’t died. Amazing night.

Again sorry I haven’t touched base. Working, writing and making memories whenever I can. Don’t forget you can always keep up to date via twitter or my Facebook fan page. Thanks for reading, purchasing and telling friends about my stories. Btw working on the follow-on story of Ample Attraction atm and I’ve missed Jenna, Andy and Ryan so much.


Enjoy it any way you can.


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