The Simply Breathtaking Series

Making Memories a belated #MondayBlog #exploreFNQ

Screenshot_2015-04-08-09-10-45I love writing, but I also love making memories.

People continually ask me … Why haven’t you published any short stories lately? The answer is simple. I LOVE writing, however I also LOVE being a mum and helping make memories. Yes I can get frustrated with the amount of time it takes away from writing. Yes it means I don’t make money if I don’t publish more stories. Of course I want to please the readers. But childhood doesn’t last for long. The thing I always remember from my own upbringing was the times I was outside climbing trees, finding bugs, walking in the bush, swimming in the creeks, camping, having BBQ at the beach and making sand castles. A friend reminded me lately that every day is a gift and being with the people you love is part of it and so be it.

How true that is. This is what I mean when I say I’m making memories. Heading out to the reef for the day 20km off the coast of Far North Queensland. Snorkelling, diving, fishing, relaxing, swimming and enjoying the crystal clear water. How do you think I came up with the name The Simply Breathtaking Series.

Look at how calm it was. Two knots. Well I wasn’t driving the boat at a snail pace but one couldn’t ask for a better day at the reef.


Enjoy it any way you can! Go make memories. Mwah! Melissa.



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