The Simply Breathtaking Series

Writing Spaces: Part Deux

Have you ever found yourself thinking about the writing spaces of authors? No? Okay then. Just indulge me for a minute and pretend that you care. LOL. Maybe you might want to have a little look at this blog Ben Ditmars has done. You might even get to see MY writing places. Of course I have a photo with a nespresso in it and my newly revamped and traditionally published book “Ample Attraction” by Boolarong Press. The other involves chilling in my office chair looking out at the clouds.
Thanks for including me Ben. Mwah!
Enjoy it any way you can!

The Midnight Writer

I read an article last year on where famous authors do their writing. There were some remarkably inspiring locations and it made me wonder where the authors I know (the majority being small press and indie) write their stories, poetry, and other words. I collected photographs from ten talented writers last year. This year, I invited twelve more to do the same. They span the spectrum from paranormal to poetry and children’s fiction. Thank you once again to all the writers who let me into their homes and special places with their photographs: Paula Walker Baker, Melissa Craig, Michelle Franklin, Kelly Stone Gamble, Tracy James Jones, Dan Leicht,Dionne Lister, Jeanne McDonald, Charity Parkerson, Poppy Ruth SilverJacqueline E. Smith, and Danielle Thamasa.

Paula Walker Baker 1 Paula Walker Baker, author of Jack Learns to Grill

Melissa Craig 1 Melissa Craig, author of The Unblemished Librarian

Melissa Craig 2 Melissa…

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