The Simply Breathtaking Series

A quick G’day and update

Sorry I haven’t been around on social media lately. General life has been crazy with dance concerts, basketball games, work, family visits and end of year commitments. These things haven’t allowed any time for writing, promos or anything for the last month or so. Sad I know.

Trust me, I love nothing more than putting the music on and allowing my mind to visit Andy and Ryan from Majestic Males or David from My Package of Paradise. Writing is like a medicine. I need it to rescue me from the daily grind. It makes me feel alive. It’s a part of who I am and I’m truly lost without it. I don’t know if other authors feel like this, but when I’m not writing I feel like I’m a drone working on auto pilot.

It’s time to turn the auto pilot off and take over the steering wheel. Starting off with a new single by Marian Hill called Lips/Got it. Music up loud. Move like no one is watching.

Enjoy it any way you can!


A contemporary romance set in the most populous city of Australia; Sydney—home of the iconic Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Kiera James. The quiet librarian goes about her daily duties unnoticed by the world, trying to support her father and keep the family home afloat. Up until now, she’s been happy to live out her love life through romance books.

But now she’s allowed her heart to fall for a man she has never met, only laid eyes on. She is smitten, bowled over by his boldness, beauty and blazing sensuality. He generates a heart flutter unlike any other. But, is it the best move to feel affection for a man who works at a strip club? A man who’s surrounded by bountiful beauties on a daily basis? Would her late mother approve of Boyd and his buff blessing of a body for her unblemished librarian?

Boyd’s lavish lifestyle overlooking Sydney Cove may impress the stereotypical female, but not Kiera. She has had enough tragedy in life to know that money isn’t everything, and life is short. Will Kiera go out on a limb, against her better judgement so he notices her, or will she come to her senses and be the only girl that walks away from him before her heart is ripped apart.


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