The Simply Breathtaking Series

Melissa Craig ‘Dreamy, Affectionate, Imaginative’

Check out my latest interview from the wonderful Tania Elizabeth. I can’t wait for Xmas holidays as she is coming to visit.
Enjoy it any way you can!
Melissa xx


A2pjUB__m1nr4MsOOTuVBqocZO4nJmvv3b4fW-_JYWoOh my goodness, do I love this girl. Here is an author whom not only comes from my hometown, but she also has a way of seducing you with those words, those looks, that quirky, bubbly charisma. If you’ve yet to meet her, then you’re in for a ride!

“Give me a chef, a maid, a butler, and can I live on an island so that I can write and relax all day?” Melissa says of having her ideal world.

Hmm… let’s work on that shall we. I may even have to pack my bags and come too.

This divine soul by the name of Melissa Craig never set out to become a published author, and was more than happy just being the reader; but while driving in her car one fine Far North Queensland day, a man by the name of Juan made an appearance. He kept playing in her…

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