The Simply Breathtaking Series

This is my Paradise. My inspiration. My home. #Australia

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So much so that it’s like living the life of a character from a book. LOL… um, stop laughing. I don’t mean the erotica side of my books. I’m talking about walking through the cool waters of the creek, you know the Australian landscape, the setting of the Simply Breathtaking Series. It’s like a fantasy that you can only imagine. A place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world. A place that the rainforest is in abundance. A place you may yearn for. A place to get away from the concrete world, where the forest meets the sea. I say blossom, find yourself in Far North Queensland, Australia.


Yes, I took all these photos. This is my home and I get to live this life everyday. Tropical Far North Queensland is my package of paradise. I get to take pictures daily and not one will ever be the same. It’s the one place I can look up at the sky and watch the things around me for hours in silence. My good friend Dionne Lister visited me from Sydney on the weekend and she couldn’t get over how quiet it is. No noise, except for the birds. She sat on my balcony and soaked in the views. One word said it all, wow. That’s what I like to do with writing. It’s worth my weekend adventures in nature when readers says they could feel the sand between their toes or hear the waves rolling in, even though they don’t live near a beach.


It isn’t about the erotica, it’s about making a connection with the readers emotions. My surroundings inspire me. So why not make my fiction, my world, my dreams become a reality for you. Make my package of paradise a piece of your world. Escape with The Simply Breathtaking Series and visit Australia through the written word.



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  1. I’m Jealous ✨✨ Australia is one of the places I’d visit in a heart beat if I had the money.

    October 28, 2014 at 2:28 pm

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