The Simply Breathtaking Series

I can’t stop smiling.


Because I’m reading over my first draft notes of Majestic Males. I have seriously missed Andy, Ryan, Jenna, Juan and the Ducati Guy. It’s like reigniting an old flame again on first sight. That moment an innocent look catches your breath or that casual hi surprises you, crossing that line of yearning and the flutters take flight.

I can’t stop smiling. Even if the writing is like a newbie (since I wrote the 1st draft two years ago) it still carries me away to Green Island and the Simply Breathtaking Series. Emotionally its hitting ALL the right cords, mmm … hello boys. I had forgotten the little character flaws that I fell in love with, making them who they are. #Giddy

I know you’ve all been waiting for a very long time for this book. I just wanted to let you know I am on it.

Mwah! Now I better get back to it. Yep typing up all my handwritten words.

Enjoy it any way you can!


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