The Simply Breathtaking Series

It’s time to revisit “Plentiful Package”


Book 1 of the Simply Breathtaking Series. Amazon Link

Book 1 of the Simply Breathtaking Series. Amazon Link




I’ve been re-reading the Simply Breathtaking Series the last two days (as I have something in the works with it, *cough* tell you more soon) and I’ve really missed the crew on Green Island. I know they are fictional characters, but I enjoyed reading it again.  I thought maybe you could get out  your kindle, ipad or paperback  and say hi to  Andy, Ryan, Ducati Guy, Jenna, Juan.  So enjoy the tease below.







Green Island Kite Surfing State Championship

The Great Barrier Reef



Jenna watched Andy and Ryan play a game of beach volleyball in awe, but she wasn’t the only one noticing the sweat pouring off their shirtless bodies. Women watched from every angle.

She noticed a tiny drop fall off Andy’s square jaw line and trickle down his neck to his huge hairless pecs. She watched as his brown nipples hardened. Jenna couldn’t help but lick her lips, as if she could taste his sweat in her own mouth.

Breathing deeply at the erotic thought running through her mind, she saw Andy jump up. He tensed his lovely muscles as he spiked the ball over the net.

Her vadge became hot and moist instantly, as she watched every muscle on his broad back tense. Jenna could feel butterflies develop in her stomach, and her breathing deepened. She imagined going over to Andy, pulling him away from the game and licking all the sweat off his splendid body.

She was steamy, and not just because of the humidity. The island was crowded with good-looking, hard muscled Kite Surfers. She moved forward uncomfortably, feeling her own little trickle of sweat roll down her inner thigh.

Jenna had only known Andy for three months. However, she had spent nearly every day working with him. The three of them Andy, Ryan, and Jenna had been inseparable since they had all started work on the same day. It was a bonus when they all realized they worked in the same division – water sports.

Jenna’s maternal instinct kicked in when it came to her boys. She felt like she had to protect them. They were like her family, and she would do anything to help them fulfill their dreams. But Andy had an extra special place in her heart. Like her, he had grown up as an only child. But his dad wasn’t proud of his achievements, especially after Andy gave up a position in the family business.

Jenna recalled the day when she heard Mr. Zuco say, “Andy, being a Kite Surf Instructor isn’t a real job son. You won’t achieve anything being a beach bum.”

After hearing several intense arguments between them, Jenna was determined to build up Andy’s confidence. It took every effort she had, just to convince him to enter the competition. She felt a sad tug at her heart at the thought of anyone not having their dad’s approval.

Jenna looked at Andy towering over Ryan. He was so overwhelmingly tall, and huge in every way. He looked confident on the outside but was very different within. She was helping him take charge of his own life and prove his father wrong.

She reminded him constantly that he didn’t need a business degree or follow in his father’s footsteps to be successful. He needed to make his own path and winning the position of State Champion Kite Surfer was a step in the right direction.

Every time she saw Andy bend down, cupping his hands together to hit the volleyball, Jenna lost her train of thought. His biceps looked huge. She couldn’t pull her eyes away. She knew she was smitten, if not falling for him.

She watched, captivated. Every time she saw his footprints imprint the sand, she thought of him finally making his own path. The flutters in her stomach became erratic at the thought of Andy being one-step closer to his dream. These nervous flutters occurred a lot lately, just from his close proximity. Nothing had ever happened between them, but she felt closer to him than ever before.

She assumed he didn’t have a girlfriend, as she’d never seen him with anyone. She wondered if he had feelings for her as well. She gazed over the volleyball court, glad her sunglasses hid how she was gawking at Andy’s rounded muscles that were so big that she was amazed they could possibly fit into a sleeve of a t-shirt.

Jenna chewed her knuckle as she noticed Andy’s vein popping up in his bicep. She followed its path down his arm to his hand, feeling hot in the cheeks. She imagined how he could work wonders with those hands.

She didn’t know if she could watch anymore, she wanted him bad. Wanted the game to end so she could tell him how she felt. Where can we go? She looked around in search for a place to talk, and noticed the smiles on all the girls’ faces as they watched the players. Beautiful women engulfed the beach.

The boys must have won. Everywhere she looked, she could see women’s boobs bouncing in their little bikinis as they ran towards Andy and Ryan, cheering in congratulations. In the midst of it all, Andy turned. She hoped he was searching for her, but she doubted it. Then he spotted her. The smile he gave was a hungry one. Was it hungry for her? Did he want her as much as she wanted him?

Jenna lifted her head. She couldn’t help but feel confident when the young girls next to him turned to see who he was looking at. Now she truly couldn’t wait to talk to him. Instead of talking though, she wanted to run her hands down every inch of his smooth skin and feel the hard muscles under her palms. She would move past his taut nipples, down his abdomen to his…. She drank her cold Coke quickly to cool herself down.

Jenna could feel the beat of her heart pulsing in time, with her vadge. The wind whipped across her face as she made her way out of the rainforest clearing. Her eyes locked with Andy’s. She didn’t have much time to talk to him. The wind was picking up, so the competition would surely resume before long.

Jenna moved closer to Andy, forcing herself to breathe. She felt like he was taking over her senses, knotting her up inside. She didn’t know if she would be able to talk to him, or tell him how she felt. Would she have the courage to do it this time?

Every time she had tried to talk to him, she melted at the knees. He was simply breathtaking. She looked down at the bright white sand under her feet and inhaled, attempting to control her nerves. The wind was howling now, and Jenna watched the sand flying past her feet. The smell of the ocean became stronger as she drew closer to the water, to him. She could hear the waves crashing onto the beach which meant the wind was already there. It was time for Andy to go.

Her heart sank as she watched all of the activity on the beach. The kites being launched faded into the background as kite surfers on the beach talked to the camera crew, or signed autographs for the tourists. Just as Jenna turned to find Andy, a big gust of wind whipped up some sand and it quickly headed in her direction.

She wasn’t fast enough and some sand flew into her mouth and ears, stinging her skin. It felt gritty and she wanted a shower. She wished Andy would take her back to the staff showers and make her dreams come true.

Andy watched her approach him and he made his way closer. No words passed between them. It was as if a magnet was pulling them closer and nothing could pull them apart – except Ryan, who ran up to Andy puffing and panting.

“Hey, man, it’s time to go. Your race is starting in ten minutes, you’d better get going.” Ryan pushed himself between them, obviously unaware of what was transpiring.

Now go finish the rest…

IMG_20140919_092645  Enjoy it any way you can! xx


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