The Simply Breathtaking Series

The funniest thing happened this week at work.

Before I share what was hilarious,  I have to go into some background information for you.

While I was at the Sydney Book Expo a few weeks ago, an author friend of mine Ciara Ballintyne was shocked to hear the things readers ask me about my books. She was left flabbergasted to say the least. “Why do they ask you about that and wouldn’t even think of asking if I slayed a dragon today?” To us authors we know it’s the same thing, characters aren’t real and it’s all fiction. I totally agreed with her and no one would ever ask so how many people have you murdered if you wrote a murder mystery. On the other hand, it’s not unusual for erotica authors to get asked so how many threesome have you had or how do you feel about anal?

I was just shocked that I had other authors asking me if I need a hand when the questions get uncomfortable.  To me I am used to it, never thought it would make other people feel uncomfortable for me. So … why do they ask me questions they wouldn’t ask other authors? Who knows why, and honestly it comes with the territory. But it goes to show that no matter how much I say I write fiction, it’s not from real life experiences. people don’t get it.  They make a connection with their own emotions and run with “sure it is.” comment.

Back to the reason for this post. I was at work and a co-worker did something similar. I was grateful for something she did for me and I said cheeky of course, “I could give you a kiss.” Her response was: “No way are your lips coming near me, I’ve read your books.”

I pissed myself laughing, actually the whole office did. But oh my gosh,  yet again another case of if I write it, I must  do it.

After everyone settled down, it was my turn to get her back. “So … you read my books hey?” *waggle eyebrows*

Had to share a funny moment of my week.

Enjoy it any way you can!




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