The Simply Breathtaking Series

Get a taste for it this Frisky Friday. Mwah!

Boyd looked around, and still no one saw what he had borrowed. He ran his clammy hands on his jeans before taking the book pile, ensuring he didn’t make eye contact. Probably goes to church with mom and dad, he thought. But like every guy, he had desires and urges when he saw an attractive woman. He wanted to see more of her body, to touch her soft pale skin, to feel how soft her boobs were. Would she taste as sweet as she looks, Boyd thought. He had to look away to clear his head, trying to refocus on parents instead. Boyd turned back once more, unable to help himself, he took a deep breath to calm down…. “Shit!” he murmured as his Johnson responded. He didn’t know how long he was smiling at her. It must have been a while because she spoke to him.



Find out what happens.


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