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#Free #iTunes #18+ #eBook Merry Xmas from Melissa Craig


BookCoverPreview heading  FREE on iTunes

Are you in the lunch room discussing Christmas and how much it’s costing you this year?

Stressing out about the credit card thinking oh my gosh January is going to be tough especially with school holidays. Yes? Thought so. So I decided it was time to relax and give you something back to the readers, to bring a bit of spice back into your day with my erotica for FREE… It’s only a short story, so just enough time for you to sit down with a coffee and chill for a bit before getting back to work, Christmas shopping or looking after the kids.  Hopefully I allow you to dive into The Snooty School Girl and forget the everyday world for a bit. Most people have an iTunes account so make sure you download it now (It involves a college girl by the way).  Scroll over the picture above for the direct link.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.

P.S. this is iTunes link just in case.



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