The Simply Breathtaking Series

@MissKatiePrice @OfficialCHHair @ShowcaseOfStars

What do these wonderful people have in common? The launch of Katie Price – The Gold Collection by Sistar Shoes in Sydney on the 15th November,2013.

Katie just tweeted yesterday that she is “Getting really excited…leaving for Australia at the end of the week to launch Katie Price – The Gold Collection by Sistar Shoes.” She isn’t the only one that is enthusiastic and eager… So am I.

Why? Because I am fortunate enough to be attending this black and white gala event in Sydney. Yay! A big thank you for Clarissa Mansbridge as she managers Katie Price here in Australia and PK my beautiful PR (@smartwomancoach on twitter) for thinking of me.

Not only am I lucky to be attending the event. The wonderful Christopher Hanna Celebrity Hairdresser in Sydney who is styling Katie’s hair while she is in Sydney, will also be doing my hair and makeup for the night. WOW!

I can’t wait. Mmmm to see the Sistar Shoes gold collection before it is released to the world. To meet Katie Price businesswoman, author, model, singer, tv star, columnists and proud mum. To meet Christopher Hanna and his wonderful team at the Surry Hills Salon and watch the creativity flow. And of course to finally meet Clarissa after many of conversations over the months.

I am set. I have my ticket, my accommodation, my air flight, hair, make up sorted and I have the wonderful Tricia Darling formal gown hanging up in my robe. Lucky I know. I’ll be the only one wearing that black gown as it was designed just for me… Aww… Thankful I am. Thank you to everyone involved, thank you for the invite and thank you for reading the rants of this Aussie Erotica Author.

I know this will be the pinnacle of the year. Enjoy it any way you can!


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