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Melissa Craig was interviewed by @EliteAuthors in UK

I’m back from the American book signing event, which went extremely well and I’m only just now getting a chance to share this interview with you (even though it went live several weeks ago). Yes I was fortunate enough to be interviewed via Skype with Elite Authors situated in the United Kingdom at the beginning of October, 2013.

Elite Authors is run by Hazel and I had such a great time talking and answering questions about publishing and my books we continued after the recording stopped…several hours later I practically kicked her off and inspired her to publish the children’s book she had been putting off. I know… I hear you thinking hang on wasn’t she interviewing you? Yeah she did and she rocked at it. However, people tend to forget or are unaware that we all, as writers get stuck sometimes and don’t know which way to turn. Having someone creative or like-minded helps so much as they understand we have so much going on in our head sometimes we get lost, waylaid or we need a push or a few words to guide us in the right direction. And gosh why wouldn’t I help a new writer with links, sites to get her started. That’s what we should all be doing helping others if we can.

Some people think we become writers to make money or for the fame of it. Trust me, that is just a bonus. We become writers as it is something we love to do. Writing is the job that never feels like a job when we wake up in the morning. It is the thing that makes us happy and we would do it forever and a day. I am proud to say since this interview Hazel now has her children’s book published in paperback and I am so proud of her.

I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by Hazel once before for a social media discussion, while she was a radio announcer here in Australia at 2RRR in Sydney. Now that she has moved to the UK she asked if I would like to discuss my books in more detail. You can listen to the interview if you hit this link. 




Thank you Hazel for the great opportunity to discuss my books in more detail.

Enjoy it any way you can!



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  1. Congrats Melissa! Will check out the interview.

    October 29, 2013 at 8:42 pm

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