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#Erotica The Snooty School Girl

BookCoverPreview heading Yes, I know I hadn’t planned on publishing this short story and that I have others waiting and wanting my attention. However, I had to get this one out and off my desk.  It is the first story in The Pleasures of the Professor series. I was going to wait until I had finished the  5 short stories and then publish it all together, but poor Logan and Rick wanted to be heard…. So I decided to bite the bullet and release as an eBook for now and when all the stories are finished, edited. Then I will collate all the stories into paperback form with the title The Pleasures of the Professor. Screenshot_2013-03-28-22-51-32_1_1

The Snooty School Girl (she is a college girl by the way) is now available on Amazon, Smashwords and in the next few weeks it will become available on iTunes, Kobo, Sony, Barnes & Noble and more online stores.

So if you want a quick erotica read download The Snooty School Girl now. ONLY 99CENTS…

The Snooty School Girl excerpt.

Logan sat staring at her literature professor. Her heart rate accelerated as she observed his delicious body sway as he wiped the whiteboard. The fantasy she imagined all semester was hopefully going to come true. She was overwhelmed by his good looks as she watched him. Her body tingled with arousal, like electricity darting this way and that through her veins. She was being cheeky, flirtatious, and made sure she held eye contact with him when his gaze scanned the room. Her breath caught when she realised that he kept glancing over at her, and when he did, he would pause for a moment, as though he had lost his train of thought.

Logan licked her lips. She was parched, but she wasn’t going anywhere. She was going to enjoy the two hours of watching her professor move his full bottom lip as he spoke, doing her damnedest to suppress her craving to suck it. Her hunger multiplied when his hand glided across the board as he wrote. Logan imagined how it would feel to have his hands move smoothly across her naked body.

She sniggered under her breath at the fact that she was lusting over her professor. She only took the class because of him, watching each of his movements with rapt attention. Her senses were peaking, her cooch was pulsing, and she chewed nervously on the pen; surprised she didn’t puncture it when he bent over before her. It was as if time was suspended as she heard every breath louder than normal, felt every quiver run its course, and his scent had her spellbound. Logan was convinced that she caught his eyes traveling up her legs as he picked up her handout that had fallen to the floor. She was wired, antsy and on the verge of a sudden increase in sexual hunger. The way he hitched his thick brows awakened her libido more than ever before. She couldn’t sit still. The more his eyes appraised her, the more figidy she became. For the first time, she was glad the class was finally over. Impatient for everyone to leave. It was time to act, to grab him before he left. She wanted his whole attention, uninterrupted.

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I will also be making this into an audio book in the next few weeks.

Enjoy it any way you can!


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