The Simply Breathtaking Series

Think Sydney, think Mojo @LukeMangan & @Shopthirteen clothing



If you love New York Style Warehouses, mouth – watering tapas and velvety wine that will tantalise your taste buds, Mojo by Luke Mangan, Sydney  is a must.


The minute I walked through the door at Mojo I felt a warmth, friendliness and a sophistication like I had returned home. I couldn’t hide the hint of a smile that met my lips as I thought about the things that would transpire over the next 7 hours. I spotted a familiar face making his way towards me and took a quiet moment before everyone else arrived. I closed my eyes and allowed my senses to soak in the surroundings.

Yes, I was soaking and loving it. A bath? LOL sorry my bad, I will try to control my cheeky mind. Try, but no guarantees. I think a more appropriate word would be infuse… I closed my eyes and allowed the smell of  food cooking, the sound of knives cutting on chopping boards and warmth from the heaters infuse my body. The dream was just about to start.

Why was I there? Other than the aesthetically pleasing atmosphere with great food and staff? It was the location for Shop Thirteen photo shoot


What is Shop Thirteen? A clothing store that features exclusive higher end fashion labels from all over the world, one offs. “That perfect piece is guaranteed to be found,” Kelly Holcroft said. Kelly is not only the beautiful face behind the business. She has designed her own clothing line and I was fortunate enough to wear one of her new designs. Yes Kelly Holcroft is going to take Australia by storm.

Check out the Shop Thirteen shirt I’m wearing below, taken at  Mojo by Luke Mangan, 8-10 Danks Street Waterloo, Sydney. Hair & Make up by Shag Hair.


Make sure you keep an eye out for the photos to be featured in the Born Organized Magazine in coming months. (Don’t worry I will remind you).

I’m very thankful for the collaboration with Shop Thirteen and her Ambassadors, Born Organized Magazine and the wonderful Luke Mangan and his staff

Enjoy it any way you can!


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