The Simply Breathtaking Series

We interviewed Award Winning Director @johnfoutz

We were so lucky to have Director John Foutz from Foutz Studios join us on the Melissa Craig & Charity Parkerson Show. We’ve both known John or over a year now, if not more thanks to the boys from, From Page 2 Screen Media Network. Finally we were able to schedule a catch up and discuss John’s wonderful success with the written word.  Success indeed.

I won’t lie this is one of the longest podcasts we’ve had for a while, but it couldn’t be helped. We all got on so well, it wasn’t funny… okay it was a little funny especially when the Americans picked on the Aussie. Mmmm that’s okay  at least I don’t have to “shout them” as they have no idea it means I would shout (buy) them a drink… Honestly people the Aussie language isn’t that hard. Is it? Oi.. Come on, who doesn’t know what mash is?  Imagine if I said bangers and mash the silence would have been deafening.

We had a few ups and downs with Skype while John was gone I kept recording and it was so funny. So this show is practically unedited. Listen in and follow the world of John Foutz and his writing, producing, directing, acting journey.

EPISODE 67 – Award Winning Director John Foutz

‎Tuesday, ‎25 ‎June ‎2013, ‏‎11:00:00 PM |
We had the wonderful John Foutz join us this week. Yep he is a director, producer and more. We talk about writing screenplays, making films, horrors, documentaries, music videos, editing, cartoons, short films, feature films and wow… the list goes on. OMG it is a very long show, but we couldn’t stop talking, laughing. Check out this amazing Award Winning Director that has been making films for over 10years. “Go down in Style”.
Thanks for joining us John and we wish you all the best on your new adventures. Listen in people and find out what film he got an award in.
Enjoy it any way you can!

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