The Simply Breathtaking Series

We interview WWE @TheJoeELegend and @K_McKerrington

Are you a fan of World Wrestling? Do you like the sound of different accents in one place? Well we have the episode for you. Charity and myself had the pleasure of interviewing WWE Joe E Legend and Kristal McKerrington about Marie’s World a new book they are releasing on the 27th June, 2013.

Yes you heard right, this wrestler living in Germany has written a book with the wonderful Scottish lass Kristal and it’s going to be a hit. The first of many. We discuss everything from co-writing a book together, touring the world while finding out more about them.  Not only is Joe an author, wrestler he is very busy in the movie world.  How does he have time to write books? He does it while waiting at the airports, during long flights traveling the world…Yes the world.

We were very lucky to have this interview and they assured me when they come to Australia for a book tour next year we are going to climb the Sydney Bridge… OMG Sydney Harbour Bridge is very high… We will see, they better come in spring or autumn , no way am I climbing it in Winter… I would freeze. However, I am glad that Kristal has said that I’m number one on the best people to meet when she arrives from Scotland. Awwww.

I wish them well with the new adventures. Click the link below to listen in.

EPISODE 66 – Joe E Legend & Kristal McKerrington

‎Friday, ‎14 ‎June ‎2013, ‏‎11:00:00 PM |
We had our first guests that have co-wrote a book together, sharing the tasks of the written word. Oh yeah one of them is World Wrestler Joe E Legend from Germany and the other is a Dancer from Scotland, Kristal McKerrington. This dynamic duo is going to take the world by storm. Books, wrestling, conferences, making movies, we cover it all. Listen until the end to find out how Joe travels the world and manages time to write books. Music supplied by Kayo Marbilus “I will”.
Enjoy it any way you can!

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