The Simply Breathtaking Series

I rescheduled my radio interview so Baz Luhrmann could be on.

I have been asked many times this week why my radio interview with 2GB 873am Sydney was rescheduled from the Thursday to the Friday. The heading says it all. Baz Luhrmann my favourite all time director was available for a last-minute interview with 2GB and in all honesty it was a surreal moment.

I stepped off the plane after a three-hour flight, turned on my phone to find the wonderful Associate Producer of the Chris Smith Afternoon Show apologising saying she wouldn’t be able to fit me in the time scheduled as they were offered Baz Luhrmann… I stopped dead in my tracks…not the thing to do in a Sydney airport… people rushed around me, cranky for holding them up, but I didn’t care. I covered my mouth, took a deep breath and kept thinking omg Baz the director of one of my favourite movies Romeo and Juliet 1996 version is going to be on the same radio station with the same radio announcer asking questions. I was bumped from the time slot so Baz one of the most creative people in this world could spread the word of his new work…. omg… Baz Luhrmann. Never thought I would ever say that he sat in the same chair as I did. I had a shiver run through me, I composed myself and got on that phone, congratulated them and worked around the wonderful team at 2GB… OMG!!!

Someone asked if I was cranky about rescheduling … I just laughed, “Are you serious? It was Baz Luhrmann do you know how hard it would be to get an interview with him?” to answer the question… Of course I wasn’t… Baz has brought many of wonderful emotions into my life through his work… hell I use this clip to help trigger emotions when I write… So to me more than anyone…it was an honor to be bumped from the spot because he was available.

And I must say 2GB were more than wonderful trying to fit me around my other schedule events… My times were limited, they couldn’t apologise enough…I love the 2GB team they are a great group of people and I feel I could hang out with all the time. I even met the radio crew for drinks after they finished recording with Baz…Seriously it was awesome sitting with them watching their faces light up… Chris Smith is a great interviewer and I love how his mind works. We (Dionne and Ryan, two other author friends at the Sydney Writer Festival) even got to sit in the important reserved seats at the bar…no apology was needed… it was a pleasure to be bumped…I had flutters in my stomach that I will remember for a life time.

That Thursday could not have got any better. It was finished off by dining at the wonderful Glass in Sydney, where the owner Luke Mangan asked his wonderful staff to look after Melissa Craig’s table…  Awww…thank you Luke for everything. It was great as I finally got to meet a huge fan that took my books on her trip to Italy… yep my books flew first class before I have…The boxed dozen long stem red roses that got delivered to my table, yes while at dinner, topped my night.


Just a memory I wanted to share…

All of these wonderful things are because of beautiful people I have met through twitter.

Enjoy it any way you can…


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  1. As your friend, I’ll obviously have to send a strongly worded letter to Mr. Lehrman, regardless. Glad you enjoyed the rest of your evening, m’dear. 😉

    June 4, 2013 at 6:38 am

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