The Simply Breathtaking Series

New excerpt from @CharityParkerso

A quick blog since I am away from home at the moment and my internet connection on my phone keeps cutting in and out… Actually I am sitting on the balcony, listening to the cockatoos, watching the gum trees blow in the breeze…Where am I? In sunny Port Douglas, Far North Queensland.

Instead of drinking on late with my friends last night I was a good girl, came back to the hotel room and edited the next podcast for The Melissa Craig & Charity Parkerson Show. Always working haha… When you listen to episode 65 you will realise this podcast should have been uploaded earlier this week, however I have been a little behind on things since going to Sydney, for media events. Better late than not at all I say. Plus we have to get you yearning for us again. Mwah!

EPISODE 65 – The Melissa Craig & Charity Parkerson

‎Thursday, ‎23 ‎May ‎2013, ‏‎1:28:00 PM |
Charity reads an excerpt from her new book. We discuss writing short stories and one POV. Melissa’s feature in Born Organized Magazine and twitter. Music provided by Cream “Shake It”
Have to go, get into my swimmers and head to the beach. Yay!
Enjoy it any way you can!

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