The Simply Breathtaking Series

Knee Slapping Monster makes me laugh @CharityParkerso

Yep Charity does it again. She gets me all flustered with one of her books. OUT NOW… Episode 63 has been out for a week, but I have been a little busy as I had a photo shoot for a magazine feature… OMG it was so much fun… the pictures look awesome…The magazine will be out on the 18th May, 2013. Which hopefully I will blog about in a minute. Hopefully, fingers crossed.

Anyway, this episode we talk about making audiobooks as we are in the process of recording them… well Charity is, mine is still on my to do list… (Dreams of being a full-time author one day so I can do the things I plan. Come on people buy, buy, buy so I can… ha-ha.) I learnt a lot so hopefully it helps you as well.

Poor Charity has had troubles with her laptop so we had ups and downs with the sound, but please persist. It is worth it just listening to me stuff up reading her excerpt as I couldn’t stop laughing or having visuals as I normally do with her books…  Haha…

Have a great Tantalizing Tuesday… Mwah to all and thank you for all your support. It really is greatly appreciated.

EPISODE 63- Melissa & Charity

‎Tuesday, ‎23 ‎April ‎2013, ‏‎11:00:00 PM |
This Episode we catch up about audio books, as Charity explains the process and I ask questions about it. Also we attempt reading Charity’s new excerpt from her new book… So funny I had visuals… oh my….”knee slapping monster”
Enjoy it any way you can!



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