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Oh Boy @KristineCayne on the @TheMCandCPShow 3 Erotic Authors

Oh, I was all flustered having Kristine on the show. I even forgot the front bumper … My bad… That’s okay Charity can thwack me later. He he. We had the wonderful Best Selling Author of “Under his Command” on the podcast and wow we thought we could stick to an hour. Nope, it’s a long one (Yes I know I said long) sorry we started talking writing and we let it all out.  Plus three erotica authors together, what do you expect, FUN!!

I have added a lot of behind the scenes discussion, but don’t stress Kristine we know you truly do walk around the house in those fish net stockings… LOL. Kristine not only writes erotica, she writes romantic suspense as well. She has two series that are taking the world by storm. She even liked my voice so much I think an Aussie chick is going to make an appearance in her next book. *clear throat* she better be sexy as.

This, once software engineer used to spend her time writing computer programs now spends her nights diving into the ultimate fantasy world of romance.  We talk about her fun facts, we ask her questions about her ultimate fantasy, the bachelor TV program  even came up.

I even asked her to explain what BDSM was… so funny. Check out the show by clicking the link below.

EPISODE 61 – Author Kristine Cayne

‎Tuesday, ‎9 ‎April ‎2013, ‏‎11:00:00 PM |
We had the best-selling author of “Under His Command” join the show. Kristine Cayne writes suspense and erotica books. This is a long show, but that’s what happens when you put three erotica authors together. We talk shop about her compassionate dom, ultimate fantasy and more. Ending song sponsored by Cream “Shake It”.

Enjoy it any way you can!


5 responses

  1. Laura Taylor

    Kristine Cayne, Charity Parkerson & Melissa Craig – one word – AMAZING!
    Hugs to all, LT

    April 16, 2013 at 7:49 pm

  2. Melissa and Charity – thank you so much for inviting me on your show. It was great fun talking with you and getting to know both of you better than on our FB posts and tweets. 🙂

    April 17, 2013 at 6:29 am

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