The Simply Breathtaking Series

OMG! @inclassicstyle has been on Fox News for his eMagazine, now on the @TheMCandCPShow for his Traveller Guide

I have been following In Classic Style Magazine for a while now, oh my gosh it has been nearly a year. The word I use as a description would be… AWESOME. Awesome is an adjective, causing awe. Every time I sit down and go through it, it inspires a yearning, an awe and a story from within. It is beautiful and everything about the magazine shows class in every way.


I am just grateful and fortunate enough that Carl could join us on the show. We discuss his magazine, we find out a little bit about him and his favourite places in the world.  Ps. I love his favourite author answer hehehe. Listen and find out on episode 60.

Join us while we discuss a quality of travelling that gives pleasure to your senses or your mind. is a must. Go and add your email to the mailing list, get lost in the world of classic style. If you get a chance check out his wonderful new travellers app,  a mobile travel membership that is designed so you can have a ‘Personal Concierge’ at the push of a button.

Thanks for listening, enjoy it any way you can!



One response

  1. Wonderful discussion with my pal, Carl, Melissa and Charity. He’s been such a great friend. Mwah.

    April 8, 2013 at 6:16 pm

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