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New York Times Best Seller Brian Shields @MightyPen_Sword on our Show

Seriously wow! If you know someone who is an avid fan of the World Wrestling Entertainment industry…then this is the man you should be looking out for. His name is Brian Shields and he is the Author of the WWE Encyclopedia. I know the WWE Encyclopedia. Ahhh!  “With more than sixteen million people tuning in to WWE programming every week, this guide will be a welcomed addition to the homes of WWE fanatics everywhere.” Book overview on Barnes & Noble.

He is the most down to earth guy you could meet and he loves good food and wine. Just thought I would throw that in. (He is Italian ladies) Oh yeah plus he is involved in video games, screenplays, adverts, marketing  major… I know I am missing something else… mmm what is it? Oh yeah a comedian. He is heavily involved with the Friars Club Film Fest and the Long Island Authors & Writers Society supporting the craft of writing. Which I am also a part of even though I don’t live there.

Brian has met the most famous people in the world researching for his books so why not join us on the trip down memory lane and his writing carer. New York Times Best Seller Brian Shields. Click the link below.

EPISODE 58 – New York Times Best Seller Brian Shields

‎Friday, ‎22 ‎March ‎2013, ‏‎3:00:00 PM |
Brian Shields joins the show to discuss his New York Times Best Seller: World Wrestling Entertainment Encyclopedia. Yep we talk wrestling, how he gathers the information from the wrestlers, marketing strategies and his favourite sound… Check out this great interview.
Enjoy it any way you can!

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