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Count down until my first Book Signing, author panel at @Arrainc 2013

Yep I sit here early Wednesday morning, yep 17 minutes past midnight. After a crazy day of trying to get everything done in the normal world like washing, ironing, groceries, gym paying bills, cleaning, before heading to Brisbane on Friday for the Australian Romance Readers Conference 2013 as 2012 Finalist Melissa Craig Erotica Author. Why am I going? Because AMPLE ATTRACTION has made it to the final 10 in the Favourite Erotic Romance Category. Not only am I up against New York Best Seller Sylvia Day. I am up against other brilliant authors that the Australian Readers have chosen.

I have packed my bags, I have my award dress finally arrived from America, but I am still waiting for the newly edited paperbacks of Plentiful Package to arrive and I am set. I won’t be taking as many paperbacks as I wanted as they are so damn heavy and I will be charged excess baggage. Yes I know I should have got them delivered directly to the hotel, but then I was taking a chance at them getting lost. Trust me if it was going to happen to someone it would happen to me.

I have yet to find the excerpt to read out during the author panel on Sunday, but that can be a job for when I am on the 2 hour plane flight. The book signing is at the Mercure Hotel in Brisbane at 3:30 to 5:30 pm with around 50 other authors so I really hope I get some book sales as I am going to be surrounded by “the” authors of the Romance community you all love.

I can’t wait. I am not nervous at all,  unlike I was with the Sydney 2GB radio interview. Maybe it is because I know some of the authors, I get to meet readers and I get to learn more about writing, taught from the ladies who have won so many awards I couldn’t count on my hands. Can you imagine the conversations for how to write a love scene… oh my… um… Yep a bunch of women talking about biceps, tapered hips, veins that run down ones arm… the way he smells, the way his hair blows in the breeze… hang on… I think I better pack another notebook… I might be inspired to write. haha…

Well I better go. Time to record another podcast. No rest for the wicked.

Yay! My first book signing, only 3 more sleeps.

Enjoy it any way you can!


2 responses

  1. Enjoy every moment, Melissa. I’m excited for you – have an absolute ball.

    February 26, 2013 at 5:07 pm

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