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I interviewed UK Author Matt Robbins @missivesofasub

Matt was one of the first people I followed on twitter nearly a year ago and wow, so much has happened since then. Not just for me, but for Matt as well. He finally got around to finishing the book that he started at 16. Yay!

At the age of 30 he made a vow (telling 36 people) he would finish and publish ‘Horn’ by New Years Eve. I was one of these people and I didn’t think he would get it done as it was September at that stage. I should have known better.  When a writer is determined to finish something nothing will get in his/her way. Especially someone who is a sub editor at the Daily Star in the UK.

A year has passed,  several dm’s from me asking Matt for a different word for whatever story I was working on and now he is guest author on ‘The Melissa Craig & Charity Parkerson Podcast’.  We had a few technical difficulties at first and I added the behind the scene chats at the beginning of the show. Charity wasn’t able to join us with the time difference, so it was just Matt and I discussing his book, his writing, his love for music, twitter and more.

Check out the interview, link below. I know after Matt reads this blog post I will get a message saying  Melissa you really should have got me to edit it first. Haha, but I couldn’t disappoint you now could I?  Thanks Matt and I wish you all the best with your debut book ‘Horn’.

EPISODE 51 – Matt Robbins

‎ ‎23 ‎January ‎2013, ‏‎12:00:00 AM |

UK Author Matt Robbins joins the show. Not only do we talk about his debut book “Horn”we also discuss editing, writing and twitter. This interview was just Matt and Melissa. Todays music was provided by Kayo Marbilus ‘I Will’ ft Quis.



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