The Simply Breathtaking Series

My 1st Erotic Store @KendallBoutique Mmmmmm…

No, not the first time I have been in one. The first time my books will be available in an Erotic Store…EVER… Yay! It has been discussed on and off over the last few months, but I wanted to wait until AMPLE ATTRACTION was available as I knew it was “the one” to have in a store.  When it became a 2012 finalist in the Australian Readers Romance Awards I thought okay, now is the time.

I spoke to the owner of Erotic Boutique of Kendall, Miami Florida over the weekend and he has ordered ‘Ample Attraction’ and the Simply Breathtaking books ready for Valentines Day… Add a set of red hand cuffs, a bottle of Syrup and Cream and you are set. The gift that shows return… haha… What? It will.

Umm… thoughts have drifted… focus… ahh…what was I saying? Oh yes. Yippee! People in Miami are going to walk into Erotic Boutique and see my baby and hopefully, hopefully think mm I need to get me a piece of that.  I know that they have an erotic book section and all things related to 50 shades and now Melissa Craig will be next to it… I so can’t wait to get Robert to send me a photo of it on the shelf.  Fingers crossed it sells.

As thanks I have sent 12 paperback copies of MY PACKAGE OF PARADISE (short story) to the store so they can add it to Valentines Day Bundle packs…. imagine ‘My Package of Paradise’ with a studded lead, collar and a pink whip.. mm chapter 4… or even the corset. Yes the shop sell corsets as well.  Of course I have left it up to the manager to do as she wishes with the books. She may even give them out to anyone that purchases AMPLE ATTRACTION and PLENTIFUL PACKAGE.

So excited, my babies are reaching the market they have been written for… Plus the next story to be published… a single title… “The Unblemished Librarian” has a lot of sex toys  and products that will work in well with an erotic store… mm I think I need to start-up an account…purely for reasearch. *look towards the ground and shuffle side to side*


Anyway… it is official. It is even on the Erotic Boutique Facebook Page. It’s all happening. Now if you are in Miami you so need to go and check it out.  or follow them on Twitter @KendallBoutique Please go and grab an erotic book for your other half this Valentines Day… PS. don’t forget the red cuffs.

Go and see Robert or Hedy today.

Enjoy it any way you can!


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