The Simply Breathtaking Series

It’s official I got the logo.

Woo hoo! I have been in the best mood today. Why? Because all my dreams have just come true. AMPLE ATTRACTION is now officially (as of a few hours ago) a 2012 FINALIST in the AUSTRALIAN ROMANCE READERS AWARDS… FAVOURITE EROTIC ROMANCE CATEGORY.

2012 ARRA finalist

It is such an honour to have AMPLE ATTRACTION up for the title of  Favourite Erotic Romance 2012. Who would have thought that after one year of being published my book would be up against Sylvia Day. Honestly I never did.  I had wished, I hoped and I dreamt one day I would be like the authors I have admired over the years… Truly never thinking I would be one. I know I worked hard on Ample Attraction. My everyday world was put on hold, but wanted to give it my all and I felt it was my baby ‘the one’ so to speak.

I am very grateful and thankful for all the readers and voters, but my biggest thank you goes to my wonderful editor Kate Davidson. She understood every little thing I was trying to say, every step of the way even  with all my naughty slang words for body parts.  LOL.

This is best day… Thank you everyone.

Enjoy it any way you can!


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