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OMG I will be part of a book signing with 60 authors… Far out …60 romance authors. I suppose it is one of the biggest readers associations in Australia… Ahhh… Nervous… At least I can hide easily if no one stops at my table. No one will notice if I skip away for a bit. Haha… No I won’t, I will be waiting for that one person to turn up like the rest of the authors.

Not only is this event amazing because I am attending my first book signing. But I will be on a panel of authors on the Sunday during the conference. Plus I have to read out an excerpt… Yep from AMPLE ATTRACTION… Lucky I have had lots of practise reading them out loud on the podcast… But infront of hundreds of readers, new writers and authors I so admire… OMG… Fanning my face. To find the right bit to read is the question… LOL… The Gala event on the Saturday night will be fun as I have to hand over the crown I won last year for the ‘Queen of Bling’ with another erotica author. Pretty special. Last year I went down to represent LUCINDA BRANT for her nomination in the HISTORICAL ROMANCE book ‘Salt Bride’ and this year I am going down for me… 8 weeks and count down. So if you are in Brisbane, have friends or family that love all romance genres they need to come along on the 2nd March and say hi.
Enjoy it any way you can! Mwah.

Australian Romance Readers Association

Registrations for the Australian Romance Readers Convention 2013 are well under way, with early-bird registration closing on 31 October. If you are dying to come along to ARRC2013 but aren’t able to make it for the whole weekend, why not buy a ticket for just one day? Day tickets, starting from $144, are now on sale. You can choose whether to attend on Saturday or Sunday—check out the program to help you decide which day you would prefer.

In addition ARRA will be hosting a book-signing event at ARRC2013 on the Saturday (2 March), running from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm. It will be held in the Terrace Rooms at the Mercure Hotel. Tickets for the signing are also now on sale.

Currently we have 67 authors registered to sign at the event. Here is the list:

AB Gayle HC Brown Melissa Craig
Alison Stuart Heather Garside MJ Scott

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