The Simply Breathtaking Series


Thank you to the mistress of the dark path. She has done a blog post about our podcast. Damn she makes it sound as good as it does to make the show. Also thank you to my co-host Charity Parkerson I love our weekly Skype chats.
Enjoy it any way you can!

Musings of Mistress of the Dark Path

Old style microphone with designI’ve seen mentions of this show on Twitter for some time, but as I’m sure happens to many of you, I just didn’t get around to checking it out.  Earlier this week I finally got around to loading some of the podcasts onto my iPod and wanted to kick myself for not listening to the show sooner!  It’s absolutely addictive once you get started.  Charity and Melissa are hilarious and so much fun between their southern US and Australian accents.

I will warn you that they both write stories with erotic elements so their talk tends to get a little bit…naughty.  They also read excerpts from both their work and other authors novels that could be considered x-rated.  This is not a show for those under eighteen.  Also, if you are shy about such topics, it may not be for you.

Despite this, they do get a lot of listeners…

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