The Simply Breathtaking Series



I know everyone has been waiting for it very patiently and for that I thank you. If you think I have just been mucking around for the last six months twiddling my thumbs you are wrong. It has been a huge six months, day in day out. Edit after edit, re-writing and reading  then re-writing again and so forth any spare minute I had. I have become a hermit crab and stuck my head down and bum up. I have abandoned my everyday world not because I wanted to do it but because if I didn’t this book would not be out for another few years. And I know how much I hated waiting for the author to finish the next book in the series. Oh I remember many of times saying to Celine “OH MY GOD WE HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER YEAR” and to be on the other side of that is totally different.

I know I was getting asked from people on a daily basis. And seriously I never ever thought I would be writing the next book in the SIMPLY BREATHTAKING SERIES, as I never thought it would take off. Let alone have people asking “when is it out.” I know you have waited a while. But writing is a casual job for me as I have everyday commitments like everyone else and I had to give up a lot of my everyday spare time to get this done. I am not whining as it had to be done, I didn’t want to fail at AMPLE ATTRACTION and that is why I did it. I have done the best I could 150% haha…

The second book syndrome is hard enough to cope with as all authors go through, let alone thinking about the looming reviews that may come from the words I write. eek…  To me this book makes me feel like I am officially an Author (which scares the shit out of me as I never set out to be a writer it just happened). I know it is silly and people may not understand. But coming from a person that has no experience with writing professionally I didn’t want to be slashed for writing poorly just because I am an indie author. I wanted to put out my first novel knowing I have written it well and if not better than people may realise I could.

But truly I could not have done this without my editor Kate Davidson who has been a gift from god. I have learnt so much from her and I am truly thankful. She knew what I was trying to say every step of the way and wow! She rocks. So I am officially an Author in my eyes. Yes I have several other stories out already but AMPLE ATTRACTION  is a novel. 60,000 erotica…mmm..

A lot of time and effort went into research and I don’t mean kinky. Well maybe a little, but seriously I mean I researched, read books about mens thinking patterns, and more.  So I haven’t just been thinking dirty thoughts all day long. I wanted a plot and characters to so well-formed that the twists and turns shocked you. Which they seem to be doing with the reviews in the UK. All 5 stars so far.  Yay!

So give my baby some love. Download today.

During the week the paperback will be available on Amazon. Or you can order it directly from the publisher.

Enjoy it any way you can!


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  1. Congrats Melissa and best of luck with the release.

    December 11, 2012 at 5:15 pm

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