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FREE BOOK from Comic/Super Hero Author Kevin Rau

I know I haven’t read a comic book since I was a teenager. But I know I am adding Kevin Rau to my kindle.  He doesn’t write comics he goes the next step and writes superhero stories. OMG he has so many books it is not funny. Plus a bigger bonus his first book it always free on Amazon.

He makes his own covers and once you see them you will go wow how does he do that. Check out what he says on his author page:

‘I still love reading fantasy and science fiction, although I wish there were more novels based on superheroes.  This is something that drove me to create my own supers universe and heroes in written form.  I love supers, but I’ve always wanted more character depth than a comic book can provide.  (Not to mention the immense length of time it takes for a comic series to do a story is just plain too long to me.)’

So download his book and listen to the Author tell you all about the world he creates. He also reads an excerpt from his book. So hurry listen now. He is very funny.

Enjoy it any way you can!

EPISODE 41 – Kevin Rau Super Hero Author

‎Thursday, ‎8 ‎November ‎2012, ‏‎3:00:00 AM |
This was an awesome show. Kevin has published 12 books in two years and he wanted more from comics extending a HERO world through his novels. Melissa said “when you find one thing that truly understand you, you need to stick with it.” Making Kevin’s mind wander away from books. While Charity asked Kevin new questions that blew him away. Yay! A long one but a good one… Yes I did just say that Charity.



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